Oceans Governance

Our oceans governance research focuses upon the management of human interactions throughout the marine environment. Our longstanding involvement with the development and analysis of oceans and fisheries policy and management frameworks at global, regional and national levels deeply informs the ANCORS oceans governance key research area. Research is oriented towards achieving practical policy and management outcomes with tangible impacts. Communication and engagement are key components of this research. Our applied research variously engages with coastal communities, government agencies, regional and international organisations, civil society organisations, academia, and industry.

We regularly work on diverse research projects and consultancies across multiple scales of governance related to:

  • Ocean and fisheries policymaking
  • Implementation of compliance and enforcement mechanisms in oceans and fisheries law and policy
  • Conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction
  • Area-based management, including marine protected areas and marine spatial planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Sustainable management and development of marine resources
  • Integrated ocean and coastal management
  • Economic incentives and financing arrangements to maintain marine and coastal ecosystems
  • Climate change and ocean interactions
  • Distributive and procedural justice dimensions of marine resource use


ANCORS Ocean Nexus

The ANCORS Ocean Nexus research program sits at the interface between science, policy, law, and development studies, directly addressing key challenges to achieving equitable outcomes in transboundary ocean conservation, governance and development.

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