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Maritime Strategy and Security

Maritime Strategy

Our research in maritime strategy encompasses:

  • maritime strategic thought
  • the context of geopolitical traditions
  • the development of national maritime strategy and sea power
  • naval and joint maritime concepts
  • naval and strategic history

A particular focus of our research is the contemporary application of sea power and maritime strategy throughout the increasingly contested waters of the Indo-Pacific region. 

Maritime Security

Our research in maritime security involves policy, legal, technological and at-sea enforcement aspects. It encompasses:

  • maritime border protection
  • the safety and security of shipping and global supply chains
  • security of offshore industries and infrastructure
  • maritime domain awareness (MDA) and vessel tracking
  • national systems for the coordination of surveillance, enforcement and information sharing
  • maritime security concepts
  • national maritime security policy and strategy

Maritime security research at ANCORS has a global coverage, with particular expertise of Indo-Pacific sub-regions. Our legal and policy research has a strong focus on post-9/11 terrorism threats and counter-terrorism regulations, and counter-piracy initiatives. Our MDA experience includes collaboration with government, industry and regional organizations to establish the ANCORS Vessel Tracking Initiative (VTI).