Eden, NSW. Wharf with fishing boats tethered. Mountain in the background, blue sky

Blue Economy

Recognising the benefits of sustainable use and development of marine and coastal resources and facilitating these processes for current and future generations.

ANCORS staff and fellows have a wide range of professional expertise and research experience across all aspects of the blue economy. This includes exploration of integrated approaches to blue economy governance, and methods of ensuring socially equitable and inclusive blue economy development. 

Current research projects within ANCORS also encompass diverse aspects of the blue economy including sustainable development of fisheries in the Pacific, the viability of deep seabed mining in the Pacific and the restoration and maintenance of blue carbon elements in the Asia Pacific.

In addition, ANCORS has an established reputation for high quality professional training courses and capacity building in all aspects of the blue economy.

What is the 'Blue Economy'

The ‘Blue Economy’ is a term that has emerged in the past decade, in response to environmental, resource and social challenges in ocean and coastal use and management. Whilst a contested concept, most interpretations embrace the opportunities associated with the ocean, whilst recognising, accounting for and addressing its threats. The Blue Economy is therefore an idea, which recognises the multiple benefits of marine and coastal ecosystems for current and future generations and the need for sustainable use and development of these resources.

Key components of the blue economy are generally considered to include:

  • ecosystem based management of fisheries,
  • restoration and maintenance of blue carbon elements including mangroves,
  • salt marshes and sea grass,
  • sustainable sea transport,
  • environmentally responsible aquaculture development and
  • the production of ocean renewable energy from offshore wind, waves, currents and tides.  

Blue Futures

A key Blue Economy initiative for ANCORS is the Blue Futures Translational Research Initiative (BF-TRI).

Discover more on our project: BF-TRI Find out about the Blue Energy Futures Lab