Professor Jinghai Li

Honorary Doctor of Science

Citation delivered by Professor Judy Raper, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Wollongong on the occasion of the admission of Jinghai Li as a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) on 23 July 2014.


Deputy Chancellor, I present Jinghai Li.

This morning we celebrate the accomplishments of man who has dedicated his life to scientific achievement, research excellence and enduring partnerships; a man whose embrace of knowledge shows that the sea of learning truly has no end.

Graduating in 1982 from the Department of Thermal Engineering at the Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Li continued to build upon his educational foundations in chemical engineering. He completed his PhD in 1987 through the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Process Engineering. His disciplined approach to consolidating theoretical knowledge with practical experience was complemented by post doctoral research undertaken at the City University of New York and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Such placements ensured that his education benefited from diverse perspectives and sparked a lasting commitment to international collaboration.

Professor Li returned to China in 1990, serving in a number of senior roles with the Institute of Process Engineering and eventually progressing to the respected position of Director of the Institute. His diligence and endeavours were recognised in February 2004, when he was appointed Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a position he continues to hold.

Mentored by the esteemed late Professor Mooson Kwauk, Professor Li is renowned for his expertise in pioneering the Energy-Minimization Multi-Scale model (EMMS). This is a powerful tool for scaling chemical engineering processes accurately and is widely applied across research and industry. Professor Li’s academic integrity is recognised by his membership of a number of prestigious academic societies and he also holds positions on editorial committees and advisory boards for several international journals. He is the recipient of many international prizes and honorary awards that demonstrate the importance of his efforts towards global cooperation and reflect the high regard in which he is held by his academic peers. Professor Li is a credit to his motherland.

While the University of Wollongong is proud to have enjoyed productive academic, research and educational exchanges with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for some time, Professor Li’s association with UOW began more recently. It is a partnership built on mutual respect and trust. Professor Li is the Board Chairman of the Baosteel-Australia Joint Research and Development Centre, an outstanding joint venture between one of the world’s largest steel companies and four leading Australian engineering universities, including UOW. The Centre is focussed on exploring and developing innovative technologies in an industry held dear to Wollongong and surrounds. He has been instrumental in strengthening relationships between the Chinese and Australian steel industries by forging partnerships between research institutes, working collaboratively with the CSIRO and building linkages with industry.

Deputy Chancellor, in recognition of his distinguished contribution to engineering, his efforts in strengthening the friendship between China and the University of Wollongong, and his significant service at the international level, it is my pleasure to present Jinghai Li for the award Doctor of Science, honoris causa.