Student and Staff Partnerships

A commitment for our students’ future, for our institution’s future.

Creating an environment of student partnership in all that we do.

At the University of Wollongong (UOW), we are embracing the concept of students as partners, which emphasises collaboration, consultation and shared decision-making between students and staff within the university environment.

At the University of Wollongong, we are creating an environment of student partnership in all that we do.


Our students as trusted partners framework identifies how students’ valuable insights and experiences can be included to improve our operations.


From teaching and learning, to strategy, governance, facilities and more - anywhere a decision is being made that will affect UOW students, our goal is that students can and should be a part of that process.  


Through our Students as Trusted Partners framework, students will take an active role in their education, shaping their time at UOW. They will be making the most of their student journey and leaving the legacy of a better student experience.


Students will share their voices in a safe, respectful and supportive environment and make genuine connections with fellow students, as well as UOW staff. 


Students can participate in a range of ways, including via consultation programs, by taking a leadership role in student advisory bodies and more.


Our Students as Trusted Partners framework is about curiosity, leadership and service - we invite students to partner with us and affect the change they would like to see.


Becoming active participants in the UOW community will benefit our students now, as well as into their futures.


I hope it lights a flame that our students can take into life beyond university, as they find their own unique strengths, and continue to contribute as engaged members of all their communities.

Our Agreement

In December 2021, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and UOW took this commitment a step further, by signing of a Students as Partners (SaP) Agreement.

This Agreement included a commitment from UOW to build institution wide capabilities for partnership - including establishing a student engagement framework outlining how the University will partner with students, through feedback, consultation, collaboration and using students as leaders.

Student and Staff Partnerships Framework

Students as Partners framework

Image: The UOW Students and Staff Partnership Framework diagram showcases the collaboration between individuals at UOW. In the center, two individuals high-five within a blue circle. Surrounding them in a gray circle are the six domains where student-staff partnerships thrive: student experience, strategy, sustainability, innovation, teaching and learning, and governance.

These domains are encompassed by a blue hexagon illustrating the methods of partnership practice: inform, consult, involve, partner, and empower. This hexagon is within a gray rectangle, symbolizing the inclusive environment supported by UOW staff, students, and staff-student collaborations.

Opportunities and resources

From teaching and learning, to strategy, governance, experiences and more - anywhere a decision is being made that will affect UOW students, our goal is that students can and should be a part of that process.

Our new students as partners agreement affirms the university's commitment to student-centred education.

Student and staff registration of interest

Join our partnership community to learn more and express interest in opportunities.

There are extensive resources and support dedicated to assisting students and staff to get the most out of their partnership experience.

Staff resources (intranet login required)

While active partnership can sometimes take time or require compromise, it leads to better relationships and solutions overall for both sides. Especially in education, where students are the future of our institution...choose partnerships that you think you will enjoy and learn from, it's not just about improving the University, but also improving yourself. By getting involved, it's a great way to get ready for your future life in the workplace. Jackson Cocks Bachelor of Engineers (Hons) - Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Chair of UOW Student Advisory Council 2021

The power of partnership

Some of our students and alumni share the benefits of a partnership approach for their personal development and careers.

"Students as Partners is a celebration of the diversity of the student body and their opinions and beliefs in what makes, and keeps, the University of Wollongong an award-winning university I'm proud to belong to."

- Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) student

"Partnership at UOW has taught me that, no matter how small your voice, anyone with a strong drive and enough support can make a difference. University staff are ready to listen and help students reach their goals; and a world of amazing opportunities open themselves to those ready to accept a new challenge."

- Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws (Hons) 

"Student life is short, enjoy the time you are freely learning and debating with people around you through partnership. Friendship and things you learn through this invaluable experience will actually help you in your professional work without you consciously realising it. "

- Doctorate of Philosophy, Master of Information and Communication Technology, Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)