Rethink your print

A lot of paper is consumed within an office and university setting.  For many tasks paper use can be avoided or minimised through improved processes and use of appropriate IT tools.

Do you really need to print or copy this document?

  • Can you read it from the screen? Read small less complex documents on the screen. Small documents are easier to read and digest on the screen than longer more complex documents.
  • Share the printing of larger documents with fellow students and staff so you print only one copy between you.
  • Print only the sections of larger documents that you need. Print the front page of a journal with the abstract and reference details and then make hand written notes for the rest of the article and attach them to the printed page.
  • If you need to print drafts of the document consider the tips for reducing the amount of paper you use when you do print.
  • Are you printing it because a processes requires you to print a paper form?  Can this process be improved by using an electronic submission and approval option? 
  • There are a number of online electronic process options now available for staff visit the BPS portal (accessible to staff only).
  • Consider the use of software such as AdobeSign, OneDrive and OneNote to reduce paper use for many of the day to day tasks in your office.  Contact IMTS via the My IT portal (UOW Intranet) for advice and support on the use of these tools.  

Reduce the actual amount of paper used when you do print

  • Print and copy double-sided or print two to a page.
  • Adjust your margins and font types and font size to maximise the space used on each page.
  • Can you pass on your printed reading materials to others when you are finished rather than throwing them away?

Reuse and recycle

  • Reuse any single-sided paper for taking notes.
  • Recycle your waste paper in a paper or co-mingled recycling bin.

Choose sustainably produced paper

  • Purchase paper that has recycled content, carbon neutral and is Australian made.  Look for certification labels.