One less cup

Help make it one less cup - use a reusable cup

Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable, and contribute significantly to the amount of waste sent to landfill, particularly for something only used for five minutes.  Our waste audits estimate that approximately 2,357,000 disposable cups are used at UOW annually. 

The best option for the environment is to avoid a disposable single-use cup and use a reusable cup instead.

  • All coffee outlets on campus are BYO (bring your own) cup friendly
  • Most outlets on campus offer a discount when you bring a reusable cup
  • Some outlets sell cups, including the UniShop, and some offer cups for borrowing.  Other outlets have ceramic cups available for you to use if you dine in.
  • Wash your cup at one of the kitchenettes around campus.

For more information about each of the UOW coffee outlets, download the Factsheet -Help make it one less cup (PDF).

Some outlets use biodegradable cups, and while these are able to be composted (and a better environmental option than some others), they still need to be placed in the general waste (landfill) at UOW as there are currently limited composting disposal options available.

Some other disposable cups are made from paper, but are coated in a polyethylene lining to make them waterproof. These cups cannot be recycled due to the plastic coating.  Cups that are made from polystyrene or styrofoam cannot be recycled either.  Polystyrene and styrofoam materials also never breakdown completely leaving small particles that are known to cause problems in our environment when ingested by animals.  All of these cups should be placed in the general waste bins (landfill). 

It's easy to make a difference - use a reusable cup and encourage others to do the same.