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Nespresso coffee pod recycling

Nespresso coffee pods are able to be recycled via Nespresso's recycling program.

There are a number of collection boxes in staff kitchens at a number of campuses. Only Nespresso pods are able to be recycled via these collection boxes.  

To get a collection box:

  • UOW staff members please contact the Environment Unit.
  • Outside organisations looking to recycle Nespresso pods should contact Nespresso.

When using a collection box or arranging for it to be collected:

  • Please ensure that you do not overfill the box.  It is recommended to get the box replaced when it is about three quarters full.  
  • The plastic liner must be able to be sealed up with a cable tie for it to be collected. 
  • Please raise a work request with the Facilities Management Service Centre to arrange to replace your Nespresso recycling collection box.