The University’s Strategic Framework

The UOW Strategy is activated via a planning and reporting framework that integrates accountability across all levels of the organisation.

A set of performance indicators and annual reporting assures the University's governing body that the University is making progress towards its strategic ambitions.

The Strategic Framework is supported by strong governance and a commitment to the Plan Act Review Improve (PARI) continuous improvement cycle.

UOW Strategic Plan 2030 Chart

PARI Continuous improvement cycle

To ensure that our objectives and standards are tested and improved, the University of Wollongong is committed to a four-step quality cycle: plan, act, review, and improve.

PARI Continuous improvement cycle

The Strategy & Assurance Portfolio

The Strategy & Assurance Portfolio’s purpose is to deliver an enterprise lens across risk, prioritisation, governance and strategy to maintain UOW’s reputation as an accountable, transparent and ethical organisation.

​​​The portfolio supports the institution to progress our core mission and ambitions, drive enhancement and improvement, whilst maintaining a resilient organisational and governance structure that advances our strategic objectives.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategy & Assurance) Portfolio - Staff intranet link

The Strategy Division sits within the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategy & Assurance) portfolio. The division’s mandate is to advise, facilitate and communicate UOW strategy to ensure the successful delivery of UOW’s core mission. The team works closely with senior leadership and collaboratively with all areas of the University and UOW communities.  

Strategy Division - Staff intranet link

Info graphic of the DVC (Strategy & Assurance) Portfolio