Award recipients 2017

The Vice-Chancellor's OCTAL Awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning 

  • First Year Chemistry Team
  • Associate Professor Glennys O'Brien, Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health
  • Dr Simon Bedford, Teaching & Curriculum Development

Faculty OCTAL Awards

  • Professor Mary Barrett, Faculty of Business
  • Dr Montserrat Ros, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Dr Erika Matruglio, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr Mariolina Pais Marden, Faculty of Law, Humanities & the Arts
  • Dr Swapna Koshy, UOW Dubai

Early Career Faculty OCTAL Awards

  • Dr Silvia Mendolia, Faculty of Business

Sessional Staff OCTAL Award

  • Dr Annie Werner, Faculty of Law, Humanities & the Arts

Sessional Staff Faculty OCTAL Awards

  • Dr Xun Gong, Faculty of Business
  • Pok Tak Tsang,Faculty of Business

Professional Staff Services OCTAL Award

  • Brondalie Martin, Teaching & Curriculum Development

Vice-Chancellor's Research Awards

Vice-Chancellor's Research Excellence Awards for Researcher of the Year

  • Professor Gordon Waitt, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Professor Xiaolin Wang, Australian Institute for Innovative Materials

Vice-Chancellor's Research Excellence Award for Emerging Researcher

  • Dr Xiaoqi Feng, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr Lucas Ihlein (Highly Commended), Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts

Vice-Chancellor's Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award

  • A/ Professor Robert Gorkin, Dr Jason McArthur, A/Professor Christopher Magee, A/Professor Kate Senior, Ms Laura Grozdanovski, Professor Geoff Spinks
    Project: Project Geldom: Designing the Next-Generation Condom
  • A/Professor Melanie Randle, Dr Leonie Miller, Ms Joanna Stirling (Highly Commended)
    Project: Identifying and Attracting Successful Foster Carers
  • Professor Andy Davis, Ms Allison Broad, Mrs Chantal Steele, A/Professor James Reveley, Professor Warwick Gullett, Professor Clive Schofield (Highly Commended)
    Project: Dragging the Chain: Minimising Impacts of Deep Water Anchorage on Australia's Eastern Seaboard.

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Oustanding Achievement in Research Partnerships & Impact

  • Professor Long Nghiem, Professor Will Price, Professor Pascal Perez
    Project: Research Partnership with Sydney Water: Analytics to predict anaerobic co-digestion and downstream process performance.

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Supervision

  • Professor Weihua Li, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • A/Professor Peter Kelly (Highly Commended), Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr Justin Yerbury (Highly Commended), Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
  • Professor Cathy Cole (Highly Commended), Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts

Other Awards

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service for Professional Services Staff

  • Carmen Tang, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Rochelle Boys, Graduate Career Development & Employability
  • Steffan Bale, Information Management & Technology Services

Vice-Chancellor's Team Award for Oustanding Service for Professional Services Staff

  • Samantha Avitaia & Brittany Brown, UOW Bega

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Community Engagement (Team)

Global Climate Change Week Team

  • Dr Keith Horton, Faculty of Law, Humanities & the Arts
  • Dr George Takacs, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • A/Professor Helen McGregor, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
  • Professor Helen Hasan, Faculty of Business

CHI Sexual Health Project Team

  • Associate Professor Kate Senior, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Laura Grozdanovski, Faculty of Social Sciences

Marie Lewis Award

  • Rachel Hicks, South Western Sydney Campus

Workplace Health and Safety Award

  • Ellen Manning, Faculty of Science Medicine and Health

Rosemary Cooper Award

  • Petria McGoldrick, Student Support

25 Years Service Awards

  • Garry Beauchamp, Facilities Management Division
  • Christine Bray, Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Donna Dee, Library
  • David Edwards, Financial Services
  • Dr Joshua Fan, Faculty of Business
  • Vivien Green, Information Management & Technology Services
  • Dr Sim Lau, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Associate Professor Yan-Xia Lin, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Robyn Lumby, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Tina Mak, Faculty of Business
  • Professor Barbara Meyer, Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health
  • Andrew Scobie, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Professor David Steel, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Gregory Trueman, Information Management & Technology Services
  • Dr Peter Vial, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Professor Gordon Waitt, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr David Wexler, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Penelope Williamson,Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
  • Associate Professor Stephen Wilson,Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
  • Sandra Wooton, Library