People with Disability and Carers

Our Commitment

UOW is committed to creating equal employment opportunities for people with disability by providing support and removing barriers that limit opportunities and hinder their potential. We do this by structuring our policies, procedures, decisions and operations so that managers can support their staff, regardless of their actual or perceived capacity.

We are proud of our forward and innovative thinking as UOW is the first university in Australia to have dedicated directional mapping for wheelchair users, making moving around campus easier and safer for people with disability. This is just one example that highlights our commitment to equal opportunity. Our Workplace Adjustment Procedure supports our staff on their journey from recruitment and throughout their careers, by the provision of equipment and facilities to assist with meeting the inherent requirements of their role.

Disability and Carers Community

UOW is committed to providing an inclusive working environment where staff with disability are valued, supported, and encouraged, and can, as far as practicably possible, participate fully and independently in the life of the University.

We recognise the contribution that carers make to the community and the importance of supporting carers in their roles. We support staff with caregiving commitment to balance work commitments with their carer role.

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