Learning Analytics

About us

The Learning Analytics team are part of Learning Teaching and Curriculum, under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)’s portfolio.

The team perform analysis on data generated as part of everyday teaching and learning practices, with the aim of generating near-real-time actionable insights to support the student learning experience.

The information associated with the use of learning analytics is kept confidential and handled in accordance with UOW’s privacy obligations. The Learning Analytics Data Use Policy provides more detail about the kinds of learning analytics data being used and how we protect your privacy in the use of this data.

The primary purpose of this work is on the early alert of students considered to be at risk of failure or withdrawal. It is also concerned with enhancing overall academic achievement of students through data. There are a number of projects the learning analytics team work on, such as:

  • An interactive tool exists for your faculty’s Head of Students to, at a glance, see how you are performing across all of your subjects. This allows them additional context when evaluating your course status.
  • Some subjects receive reports from the Learning Analytics team at targeted times of session. The purpose of these reports is to help identify areas where you may be struggling with the subject or help direct you to appropriate support staff if you are struggling to engage with university life. The participating subjects will display a statement on their Moodle site informing you that this subject is using learning analytics.
  • The learning analytics team provide opportunities for staff to collaborate on research ideas to improve how teaching and learning is done at UOW.

The information associated with the use of learning analytics is kept confidential and handled in accordance with UOW’s privacy obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s in it for me?

Learning Analytics aim to assist by allowing you and your teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses for improvement and helping you take advantage of support services to develop skills and knowledge.

Q. Who gets access to the data?

You, your teachers and your faculty's Head of Students will have access to your data. Occasionally senior University management may request summary reports, but these will only include de-identified information.

Q. Will other students be able to see my results?

No. Only you, your teaching staff and your faculty's Head of Students will be able to see your results.

Q. Will this information go outside UOW for any reason?

No. Only authorised UOW staff can access your data.

More information

Please contact: David Fulcher - Learning Analytics Specialist