Sustainable Futures Committee

Terms of reference


The Sustainable Futures Committee (SFC) will oversee UOW’s pursuit and delivery of its sustainability objectives under the UOW’s Strategic Plan and University Strategies1 including Strategic Goal 3.5 Sustaining our Environments.

This includes the integration of the UNSDGs and UOW’s sustainability initiatives and targets across all aspects of University activities, as appropriate.

Committee responsibilities

  • Guide the development and implementation of a University sustainability framework, including a Sustainability Strategy, Action Plan, Sustainability Policy, and Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutrality targets. Monitor and report on progress in relation to these strategies, action plans and targets.
  • Provide high-level direction and advice on environmental, social and economic sustainability across the University, including assessing and developing advice on matters of policy, strategy and planning, to achieve sustainable outcomes for the University and broader communities in relation to matters such as:
    • facilities and operations, including  but not limited to travel and offsets, UOW fleet management, capital investment in energy reduction projects, supply and procurement policies, and energy purchase profile.
    • learning, teaching and research including, but not limited to Research translation (into operations and curriculum), embedding SDGs in the curriculum, prioritising internal funding options
    • partnerships and engagement with staff, students and community;
    • leadership and governance
  • Liaise with, advise and provide information to other committees/working groups, specifically the THE Impact Rankings Working Group, with regard to areas in the Committee’s remit:
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement by identifying and supporting, where appropriate, emerging best practices in sustainable development and working with our communities on joint initiatives that promote and enhance sustainable practices.
  • Oversee coordination of the University’s sustainability initiatives across UOW campuses.


The Sustainable Futures Committee shall consist of:

  • Director, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (Chair)
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director, Facilities Management Division
  • Director, Commercial Developments Unit
  • Chief Executive Officer, Pulse
  • Manager, Environmental Services
  • An appointed undergraduate student representative
  • An appointed postgraduate student
  • An appointed professional staff representative
  • An appointed academic staff representative

The Chair may co-opt additional members as required. The Chair may establish sub-committees or working parties to provide advice to the Committee on specific matters. Members may request permission from the Chair to nominate a proxy.


A quorum will be achieved when 50% of the membership plus one are present (including the Chair).


  • The Committee will meet four times per year, with additional meetings as necessary.
  • The Committee will provide an annual report to the University Leadership Group.

Committee support

Committee support will be provided by the Facilities Management Division.


Variations to the Terms of Reference and/or membership of the Committee must be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

 Note: Key UOW strategic documents referencing the SDGs: 2020-2025 Strategic Plan; 2030 and Beyond White Paper; 2020-2025 Education Strategy; 2020-2025 Research and Innovation Strategy; 2020-2025 Civic University Strategy; and 2016-2036 Wollongong Campus Master Plan.

Current members

  • Professor Tim McCarthy, Director Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, Sustainable Futures Committee Chairperson
  • Senior Professor Pauline McGuirk, School of Geography & Sustainable Communities (SGSC)
  • Mr Ty Christopher, Honorary Professorial Fellow, School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE)
  • Mr Benjamin Hamill – Undergraduate Student Member
  • Ms Sarah Vogel – Postgraduate Student Member
  • Mr Chuck Stone, Director Commercial Development Unit (DCDU)
  • Ms Sarah Crutchley, Marketing Manager- Membership and Engagement, UOW Pulse Ltd
  • Mrs Kathleen Packer, Director Facilities Management Division (FMD)
  • Dr Clayton McDowell, Associate Director Sustainability,  Facilities Management Division and Deputy Director, Centre for Supply Chain Research 


Associated working groups

  • WG1 - Carbon neutral working group
  • WG2 - Renewable energy working group
  • WG3 - Sustainability engagement working group
  • WG4 - Sustainability governance working group
  • WG5 - Teaching and learning for sustainability working group


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