Why a Water Portfolio


Fresh water is a precious natural resource that should not be wasted.  In 2005, water levels dropped in our dams to below 40% capacity and Level 3 water restrictions were in place. Although water restrictions were eased slightly in 2008 and dam levels improved due to more rainfall in our water catchment areas it is important that we value this resource and prevent wastage of high quality drinking water.

University of Wollongong  undertook a water audit of its Wollongong Campus in 2006 and developed a Water Savings Action Plan (WSAP) to implement recommendations from this audit report.  In 2010 a Water Management Plan was also developed to look at reducing the reliance on the town(potable) water supply.    Numerous water savings actions and installation of water storage has been undertaken since then on the Wollongong Campus.  As a result of these initiatives the Wollongong Campus has reduced its water consumption from 12kL/EFTSU (Equivalent Fulltime Student) in 2006 to under 8kL/EFTSU in 2011.


Last reviewed: 15 March, 2016