Initiatives in Action

Water saving initiatives

The following is a summary of those water initiatives which have either been fully implemented or are currently in progress:

Water storage 

Hidden away around the University Wollongong Campus is 2.091 million litres of rainwater storage capacity. Rainwater tanks have been installed include:

  • 25 kL underground tank in Building 28
  • 26 kL aboveground tanks at the White Cedar Court between Building 25 and Building 14
  • 500 kL aboveground tanks at Sports Hub/Ovals
  • 120 kL underground tank in Building 6, SMART
  • 16 kL aboveground tanks at URAC, Bld 13
  • 20 kL underground tank at Building 70, Ecological Research Centre
  • 45 kL aboveground tank at Building 70, Ecological Research Centre
  • 10 kL aboveground tank at Building 31 Facilities Management Division
  • 30 kL underground tank in Building 32, IHMRI
  • 360 kL semi underground tanks at Oval 1
  • 367 kL aboveground tank at Oval 1
  • 15kL aboveground tank at Building 65
  • 500 kL underground tank under the McKinnon Lawn

Water Savings Action Plan initiatives

The Water Savings Action Plan (WSAP) identified a range of initiatives to be implemented over a number of years.  Numerous initiatives have been conducted and include:

  • establishment of a leak detection program
  • increased cooling tower cycles of concentration to 1,000 ppm saving 1,898 kL per annum
  • the “DIY” Sydney Water retrofit of all showerheads and taps with water efficient devices and flow restrictors, saving 7,045 kL per annum
  • installation of Pressure Reduction Valves saving 6,205 kL per annum
  • replacement existing water-cooled woks with air-cooled woks in the Asian restaurants saving 4,015 kL per annum

Water saving programs

The University entered the Sydney Water ‘Do-it-Yourself Programme’ in 2006. This programme reduced water flows in almost every bathroom/toilet facility on campus in the second half of 2007.


2006 Every Drop Counts Business Program Awards

1) Significant Achievement
At the annual Every Drop Counts Business Program Awards ceremony held on November 15, 2006.  Mr Chris Hewitt (now retired), Manager Maintenance & Energy, Buildings & Grounds (now called the Facilities Management Division), won an individual award for significant achievements in introducing a number of water saving initiatives, including plans to harvest rainwater from roofs to irrigate sports fields and using vacuum systems in chemistry laboratories that do not use water.

2) Waterless Artificial Hockey Field
 URAC (now UOW Pulse), also received an award on behalf of the University for an innovative waterless wet dressed artificial grass hockey field, which will save an estimated 16 kL/d.  This project was the first in Australia to use the wet dressed artificial grass surface, which combines the durability of traditional sand filled artificial surfaces with the playing surface of the ‘wet’ fields.

Last reviewed: 14 March, 2017