Why Energy?

Why an Energy Portfolio?

The main impact associated with energy use is that it contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming.   UOW has set energy reduction targets  (refer to the UOW Environmental Management Plan for details) and has been working to reduce energy consumption and increase the use of onsite renewable energy sources.

The energy consumption for Wollongong Campus (includes Electricity and Gas) per square metre for the last five years is shown in the graph below. UOW has an energy consumption target  to achieve 0.59 gigajoules per square metre by 2018.  In 2014 Wollongong campus consumed 0.52 gigajoules per square metre which is below the target. 

  Wollongong campus Energy graph

Despite these reductions there remains a large proportion of our electricity being consumed at night.  Our average rate of energy consumption at Wollongong Campus between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM is as high as 55 % of the peak experienced during the average day.  


Last reviewed: 2 June, 2015