Energy Reporting

National Greenhouse Energy Reporting

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act, 2007 requires organisations to report energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions if they exceed certain thresholds.  It was identified in 2008, that UOW exceeded the NGER facility thresholds for energy consumption and emission generation (shown in Table A) at Wollongong Campus (including UOW Pulse, UOW Enterprises, administrative areas, academic faculties and schools and some construction activities) and ancillary services such as Accommodation Services.

Table A:  National Greenhouse Energy Reporting Thresholds for Facilities

   NGER Facility thresholds
Energy Consumed  100 TJ
Emissions Generated 25kt CO2-e

As a result, UOW is required to report under the NGER Act and the first report was submitted in October 2009.  This report involved collating data for the 08/09 financial year and included information on electricity and gas consumed at the Wollongong Campus, Accommodation Sites,  as well as the offsite Printery and Engineering workshops and fuel (petrol and diesel) consumed by UOW vehicles and equipment, hire vehicles and shuttle bus.

The data is reported according to whether it is a Scope 1 or Scope 2 emission.  Scope 1 emissions are those produced directly by UOW operations, such as the combustion of fossil fuels on UOW sites or in UOW equipment. Examples include natural gas combusted in UOW buildings for heating and petrol combusted in UOW vehicles for transport;   Scope 2 emissions are those produced by the electricity generator in order to supply UOW with electricity.  

The greenhouse gas emissions and energy totals reported under NGER are shown in Table B below.

Table B:  Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Totals reported for NGER

Period Greenhouse Gas Emissions Energy
Scope 1
Scope 2
Total of Scope 1 & Scope 2
Energy Consumed
Energy Produced
2008/09 2126 26419 28545 141293 0
2009/10 3011 29431 32442 167532 0
2010/11 2557 31477 34034 166969 56
2011/12 2386 31784 34170 167435 51
2012/13 2676 31117 33793 170608 102
2013/14 2602 31286 33888 171912 88


Last reviewed: 14 March, 2017