Psychology Student FAQs

Current Student FAQs

Q. What subjects do I need to do for the Psychology major?

To complete a psychology major in the Bachelor of Arts you need to pass PSYC120, PSYC121, PSYC122, PSYC123, PSYC231, PSYC234, PSYC236, PSYC241, PSYC250, PSYC324, PSYC327 or PSYC328 or PSYC329, plus two other third year psychology subject. If you intend to apply for the honours year you must also complete PSYC251, PSYC325, PSYC326 and at least 76 credit points of 2nd and 3rd year psychology in total.

Q. Am I eligible to apply for entry into Honours?

To be eligible to apply for entry into the Bachelor or Psychological Science (Honours) program, make sure you have met all the following requirements:

  • completed all credit point requirements for a degree with a major in Psychology;
  • completed PSYC324, PSYC325, PSYC326 and PSYC251;
  • completed at least 76 credit points of Psychology subjects at 200- and 300- levels;
  • at least a good credit average for Psychology subjects at 200- and 300- levels.

Entry to honours is competitive and the best students from the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) degrees are all eligible. For further information please see the Psychology Honours 4th Year guide.

Q. I want to be a clinical psychologist. Why do I have to study a lot of non-clinical subjects?

Clinical psychology deals with aberrant or maladaptive psychological processes. Many psychological disorders are characterised by the extreme level or intensity of a process which at more moderate levels is regarded as normal. Therefore, one view is that we can best understand abnormal psychological processes or states in reference to normal psychological processes. It is the view of the Australian Psychological Society and the various accrediting bodies in Australia that the undergraduate psychology course should prepare students for clinical training by giving them a broad knowledge and solid understanding of normal psychological processes.

Q. What pathways are available for 4th year psychology studies at UOW?

From 2013, the School of Psychology only offers 4th year places in the honours program.

Q. Can I transfer into the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)?

Applications to transfer into the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) are only considered at the end of second year or after first session in third year. For further information see School Course Transfer Requirements

Q. Do you take work/voluntary experience into account in entry for honours?

No, entry is based solely on marks in the undergraduate subjects.

Q. What other subjects can I do in my degree?

The Bachelor of Psychological Science requires the successful completion of 144 credit points as specified below:

1. 78 credit points of core Psychology subjects; and

2. At least one of either:

  • an additional 24 credit points of Psychology subjects for honours eligibility; or
  • major from the approved list; or
  • minor from the recommended list; or
  • students enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Pathway to Primary Education) (Course instance code Q364) are required to complete the Foundations in Teaching minor; and

3. Remaining elective credit points from the General Schedule.

Q. Do I need to complete a Bachelor of Psychological Science to become a psychologist?

No, to become a psychologist requires the completion of 4 years of study in accredited programs, plus additional postgraduate/other study (see below). The major in psychology in the BPsycSci or BA is accredited as the first three years of study. To complete a fourth year you must complete the honours year. However, note that entry to the honours year requires the completion of more subjects than just those in the major (see ‘What subjects do I need to do for the Psychology major’ above?).

Q. How do I become a registered psychologist?

To be registered as a psychologist you must complete four years of study in accredited programs and then an additional two years of education and training to apply for general registration. This can be through a fifth year at University plus one year of supervised practice in the community or an approved postgraduate degree accredited at the fifth and sixth year level. You can find more information on general registration pathways on the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Q. What is academic consideration?

Academic consideration is the term for applying for consideration in relation to your responsibilities as a student to attend classes, submit assignments and sit tests on time. Consideration may take the form of an extension on an assignment, or being allowed to sit a quiz late. Consideration is given for unusual circumstances such as illness, accident or on compassionate grounds. Consideration cannot be requested for other foreseeable demands such as having other assignments due or normal work demands.

Q. Can I start the Honours program mid-year?

No, the only intake into honours is at the beginning of the academic year as entry is competitive and each applicant is ranked against all other applicants. Applications must be made during the preceding year.

Q. How is entry to Honours determined?

Entry into the honours program is competitive and based on a weighted average mark calculated from second and third year psychology subjects. For more information on how this mark is calculated, and the eligibility criteria for Honours, please see the Psychology Honours 4th Year guide