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Why study with us?

Have you ever wondered why people behave in certain ways? Do you enjoy solving practical or theoretical problems? earning a psychology degree at UOW will be your first step in pursuing your passion.

Psychology students at UOW are exposed to innovative and cutting edge curriculum delivered by practicing educators. We provide our students with the very best digital learning tools with the unique opportunity to gain practical onsite experience in our very own Northfields clinic. Studies in Psychology can be combined with other areas in order to allow students the flexibility to explore all of their passions without compromise.

An undergraduate degree in Psychology can be an excellent starting point for further graduate study with a particular emphasis on flexible delivery.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I study Psychology?

Psychology can be studied as part of many degrees, however to become a psychologist it is necessary to complete either a major in Psychology in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Psychological Science degree or to complete a Bachelor of Psychology. These are degrees offered by the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. It can also be studied as a major in a Bachelor of Arts degree offered by the Faculty, but only in conjunction with another major area of study from within the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry. Students in other degrees (e.g. commerce, creative arts, science) can take subjects in psychology to the extent that their programme of study allows.

Q. How do I become a registered psychologist?

To be registered as a psychologist you must complete four years of study in accredited programs and then an additional two years of education and training to apply for general registration. This can be through a fifth year at University plus one year of supervised practice in the community or an approved postgraduate degree accredited at the fifth and sixth year level. You can find more information on general registration pathways on the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Q. Do I need to complete a Bachelor of Psychology to become a psychologist?

No, to become a psychologist requires the completion of 4 years of study in accredited programs. The major in psychology in the Bachelor of Psychological Science or Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) is accredited as the first three years of study. To complete a fourth year you must complete the honours year. However, note that entry to the honours year requires the completion of more subjects than just those in the major. If you intend to apply for the honours year you must also complete PSYC251,  PSYC325 and PSYC326. and have accrued at least 76 credit points of 2nd and 3rd year psychology in total.

Q. What is the difference between the three psychology degrees (Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology))?

The differences are in the structure and length of the degrees and what other subjects you are expected to study in the three programs. The Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) offers a four year program (necessary for provisional registration as a psychologist) in one degree. The Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) offer an accredited three year major in psychology which must then be followed by an additional year to gain the four years of study necessary for provisional registration. Entry to the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) requires a higher ATAR and there is a minimum performance criterion of a 70% average in psychology subjects to stay in the degree.

Q. Is there mid-year intake?

Under some circumstances students are allowed to commence study in the middle of the year however this does make progress through the degree in minimum time more difficult.