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Major publications

Major publications

Shaun Gallagher

Endorsements of Enactivist Interventions: Rethinking the Mind

“Enactivism is one of the central themes in current philosophy of cognitive science, and Shaun Gallagher is among the leading proponents of the approach … provides some fascinating applications of the framework. And I'm not just saying that” - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“formulates new arguments, forges new concepts and proposes ideas that will certainly animate interesting debates in the years to come” - Phenomenological Reviews

“Shaun Gallagher applies enactivist thinking to a staggeringly wide range of topics in philosophy of mind and cognitive science … provides a more convincing account than the standard representational alternative.”- Philosophical Studies

Daniel D. Hutto

Endorsements of Evolving Enactivism: Basic Minds Meet Content

“a crucial book that promises to leave a mark on future cognitive science … a seminal work” – New Ideas in Psychology

“important…for all philosophers of cognitive science … thought provoking, even for the non-radicals among us” – Australasian Journal of Philosophy

“One of the most important books in cognitive science … an open-minded dialogue that cannot be ignored!” – Amazon