Diversity & inclusivity

“This program makes a genuine effort to integrate critical voices in its approach to the canon and to engage in a meaningful fashion with non-Western traditions”. Professor Sonia Sikka, University of Ottawa, Canada

The School of Liberal Arts is fully committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in both its staff appointments and curriculum. With respect to staffing, the School actively encourages applications from and supports the career development of women and minorities.

With respect to the curriculum, right from the beginning of their study, students will be introduced to non-Western and under-represented voices and perspectives. This is a central theme in foundational first year subjectsStudents will look at examples of how the ideas, ideals, artworks and practices of non-Western cultures and civilisations influenced and overlapped with those of their Western counterparts. 

In April 2019, the UOW Student Advisory Council commended the School’s “efforts in having incorporated diverse cultural and religious viewpoints into the curriculum”.

The Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation brings diverse voices and perspectives into the great conversation in half of the mandatory subjects in its core program (eight out of sixteen), rather than relegating diverse voices to elective subjects. These subjects examine philosophical topics of contemporary concern from the vantage point of multiple traditions of thought and art. For example, they evaluate the tenability of the ethical philosophies of Aristotle and Confucius from today’s standpoint; they compare the treatment of puzzles in classical logic and philosophies of the self as proposed by Western thinkers with the treatment of these same topics by Buddhist thinkers; they consider the role of reason, faith and revelation in Christianity and Islam.

For further detail see the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation Curriculum Design.

Diversity and inclusion will be promoted through the talks of distinguished scholars who will be invited to speak in the School’s seminar, workshop and conference series.