Our people

The School of Humanities and Social Inquiry has a leading team of scholars who are professionals in the fields of History, Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies, Politics, Indigenous Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, International Studies, Languages and Linguistics.

Head of School

Associate Professor Ika Willis

Deputy Head of School

Associate Professor Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Head of Students

Dr Jen Roberts

Head of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Alison Moore

Research Leader

Associate Professor Patrick McGivern

Education Leader

Dr David Neil

First Year Coordinator

Associate Professor Shooshi Dreyfus

School Manager

Kathryn Postill

Liverpool School Services Coordinator

Dr Tim DiMuzio

Regional Campus Convenor

Dr Stephen Brown

Summer Session Coordinator

Dr Fiona Borthwick

Key Academic Contacts 

For more information on specific academic or professional staff, please visit the university contact directory.