Evidence-based Healthy Activity and Nutrition for Children and Environments

The Evidence-based Healthy Activity and Nutrition for Children and Environments (ENHANCE) research group is committed to supporting educators, families and children to create healthy food and movement environments where children live, play and learn.

The ENHANCE research group is funded by the New South Wales (NSW) Ministry of Health Prevention Research Support Program (PRSP). The PRSP provides funding to NSW research organisations conducting prevention and early intervention research that aligns with NSW Health priorities. PRSP funding supports research infrastructure and strategies to build research capability and translate evidence from research into policy and practice. 

Early Start was successful in Round 5 of PRSP funding in 2017-2022 and again in Round 6. The current Round 6 funding commenced in July 2022 and will continue until June 2026. Since 2017 the ENHANCE research group have been working closely with partner Local Health Districts and the Centre for Population Health to strengthen the evidence related to the promotion of healthy eating and active living in alignment with NSW Health priorities and strategies.

The ENHANCE research plan aligns with the NSW Health First 2000 Days Implementation Strategy (Strategy 2.5) and the NSW Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy 2022-2032 while aiming to build the research capacity of health promotion staff at NSW Health  

Guaranteeing a healthy childhood

A group of ENHANCE researchers are creating healthier lifestyles by helping educators, children and families make better choices regarding nutrition and physical activity.

Children playing soccer in a park

How to get involved

Whether you're a student looking for research experience, an educator seeking to collaborate with like-minded professionals, or a researcher interested in joint projects, we'd love to hear from you. Our research group is always seeking opportunities to support and collaborate with others in the sector, and future students from undergraduate to PhD.

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