Supporting families and children of high school age

Our research group is dedicated to promoting sustainable opportunities for movement during the high school day, beyond traditional Physical Education classes. We will work with high schools and our Local Health District partners to develop and implement a program that support environments where high school students can live, learn, and thrive!

Co-designing a family focused intervention to promote physical activity in south western sydney

  • Rachel Jones
  • Anthony Okely  
  • Anagha Paranjpe (PhD Candidate)
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District 

In South Western Sydney, many children and families face challenges in staying physically active. Our project aims to change this by co-designing a program that encourages families to be physically active together at home. We'll work closely with children aged 6-12, their parents/caregivers, and community members to understand their specific needs, barriers, and interests.

Through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and co-design workshops, we'll involve families every step of the way. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive intervention that promotes physical activity within the family setting. By addressing barriers and fostering positive health behaviours, we hope to improve overall well-being and encourage a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle for both children and their caregivers.

We're excited to embark on this journey of co-creation, ensuring that the voices and experiences of the community shape the entire process. Join us as we work towards a healthier, more active future for families in South Western Sydney.