Become a mentor

There are many different ways to engage with and make an impact on a current UOW student and leave them better prepared for their career post studies. UOW offers different programs with varying levels of commitment for you, the mentor, depending on your availability and capacity.

UOW Mentoring Program

Targeted at students in their final years, the UOW mentoring program matches mentors with current UOW students who are seeking career advice to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of working in a specific industry. The aim is to match you with someone who is keen to hear about your advice and experience in their chosen industry, with shared interests and university degree. You can make a real difference to the future career of a UOW student.

The UOW Mentoring Program will provide training for both mentor and mentee. We will outline expectations, key dates and available resources.

Applications close Sunday, 2 June, 2024


What's in it for you as a mentor?

Mentoring can benefit mentors as much as the mentees. Such benefits include:

  • Satisfying the natural human desire to share knowledge and experience
  • Achieve satisfaction: For some mentors, having a mentee succeed and eventually become a friend and colleague, is one of their greatest joys
  • Develop your professional network: By making contacts for your mentees, you strengthen your own contacts and make new ones
  • Extend your contribution: The results of good mentoring have an ongoing and lasting effect, as mentees are often inspired and want to give back

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on responses to the criteria in the application form. It is possible that not all applicants will be matched as it’s determined by students’ needs. Meetings with students are to be conducted via phone, video, email or in person where possible.

Join the UOW Mentoring Program

When UOW students stand on the threshold of their career, having someone in their corner to help them find their way can change everything. You could be that someone for a UOW student.


I participated in the mentoring program because my disability might put me at a disadvantage in the workforce. Engaging in approved activities could enhance my employability. The program was incredibly beneficial. Thanks to my mentor, I met many people I otherwise wouldn't have. I also gained insights into various career fields I can pursue after finishing my studies. Initially nervous, I found it easy to connect with my mentor, Jade, who was young and energetic. I wanted to offer first-year students the opportunity to learn outside the university environment, something I found challenging during my own studies.

I chose a mentor with industry experience who was willing to share their knowledge, something not always available in a university setting. I sought solutions to problems I didn't have answers to. I highly recommend participating in the program. It looks great on your resume and provides invaluable experience and knowledge from your mentor.

To anyone considering becoming a mentor, I say it's a brilliant idea. It's rewarding and allows you to give back to the community. The program was a learning experience for me, and my mentor taught me a lot. It requires some effort but is highly rewarding. Be prepared to dedicate time and be available for your mentee. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone with real-world experience, something you can't always get from books or videos. You can apply what you learn in different fields, which is invaluable.

I would definitely say take the time because it is a wonderful opportunity because you get to learn from someone who's already had the experience and this is not necessarily somewhere you can learn from books or just by watching videos you actually can engage with them and learn how they've solved a variety of different problems what you've learned throughout the degree can then be applied in different fields and is something that you don't necessarily get from just attending.

Key information

Program week Due date Session week
Applications open Monday, 6 May 2024  
Applications close Sunday, 2 June 2024  
Program launch Tuesday, 23 July 2024 Week 1
Mentoring session 1 Week of 29 July 2024 Week 2
Mentoring session 2 Week of 5 August 2024 Week 3
Mentoring session 3 Week of 12 August 2024 Week 4
Mentoring session 4  Week of 19 August 2024 Week 5
Mentoring session 5  Week of 26 August 2024 Week 6
Make up week Week of 2 September 2024 Week 7

Career Connect

The UOW Career Connect Mentoring program matches mentors (UOW alumni), with current UOW students (mentees), who are seeking career advice for an online one-hour, one-off industry-related informational interview, directed by the mentee. Students are usually in the middle of their degree. You can help the mentee gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of working in a specific industry and share your knowledge to provide support and encouragement to the mentee.

Q&A panels

Panels are a valuable way to share your knowledge and industry experience with a wider number of UOW students. The Q&A segment allows students to explore the range of career directions they can take by hearing from industry professionals. They are able to learn from the people who have been there, done that, and inspire them to follow their own path after they have graduated. Both mentors and mentees in all of our programs must agree and adhere to the UOW Code of Conduct.

Frequently asked questions

That is not a problem. Many of our mentorships are conducted virtually. If the mentor and mentee live near each other, we encourage face-to-face meetings.

The program orientation for all participants is a live online presentation that runs for about 30 minutes.

UOW Mentoring requires four to five hours of contact time with your mentee over the duration of the program.

There is a virtual orientation session where you will have the opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees.

When you apply to participate in the mentoring programs you will be required to provide a brief introduction for your mentee. This introduction, along with your name, degree/s you have completed, current business details and a contact email address will be provided to your mentor. It is your choice if you decide to share more information about yourself throughout your mentoring partnership.

You will be told your mentee's name and the degree they are enrolled in at UOW as well as their email address.

The UOW Mentoring Program will provide training for both mentor and mentee. We will outline expectations, key dates and available resources. 

Yes, all mentors are required to participate in the orientation session, which will cover responsibilities and expectations for both mentors and mentees. The mentees will also attend the orientation. On this day you will also be provided with a participant manual which provides more specific information about the program.