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Mentoring is often described as a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists a less experienced person in developing skills and knowledge that will enhance their professional and personal development.

Your role as a mentee is to drive this relationship and to prioritise it as part of your professional career development. Simply put, you need to make the effort to prepare for meetings and events with your mentor to really capitalise on this great experience.

Applications closes on 26 May 2023.

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Who are the mentors?

The mentors are varied in their experience and education. We encourage UOW Alumni to participate in the mentoring program, sharing their experiences of how you may use your specific UOW education.

We also encourage our valued industry partners to support our students through the mentoring program, making sure we have a wide range of employers, experiences and opportunities for our students to experience enhance career opportunities.

If you are successful in gaining a place in the program, we will endeavour to match you with a mentor who can widen your experiences. This might be a match based on common education or industry goals, a shared experience or a skill you have identified as an area of growth for you.


Key dates

Program week Due date Session week Activity to be completed
Program launch Wednesday 2 August Week 2
  • Launch event and training
  • Online session from 5-6:30pm
Mentoring session 1 Week of 7 August Week 3
  • Student: Mentoring Agreement + preself-assessment submitted on Moodle
  • Session one to be completed
Mentoring session 2 Week of 14 August Week 4

Session two to be completed

Mentoring session 3 Week of 21 August Week 5
  • Session three to be completed
  • Students to complete mid-point self assessment survey
Mentoring session 4  Thursday 24 August Week 5

Mid point networking event

Mentoring session 5  Week of 28 August Week 6

Session 5 to be completed

Make up week Week of 4 September Week 7

Catch up week

Program wrap-up Wednesday 13 September Week 8
  • Student : Final evaluation due. Final self assessment due
  • Mentor: Program evaluation and feedback survey due

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the UOW Mentoring team.