Become a Mentee

Become a Mentee in the UOW Mentoring Program

UOW Mentoring Program

The UOW Mentoring Program pairs you one on one with an experienced mentor currently active in the workplace and who previously studied at UOW. The aim is to match you with someone who is keen to share their advice and experience in their industry, which aligns with your interests and degree.

Targeted to students in their final years of undergraduate study, the program will help you build employability skills, increase your confidence before entering the workforce and raise your awareness of potential job opportunities in your field.

Becoming a Mentee

Mentoring is often described as a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists a less experienced person in developing skills and knowledge that will enhance their professional and personal development.

Your role as a mentee is to drive this relationship and to prioritise it as part of your professional career development. Simply put, you need to make the effort to prepare for meetings and events with your mentor to really capitalise on this great experience.

Applications closes on Wednesday, 10 August.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are experienced UOW Alumni volunteering to share their work, life experience, skills and knowledge with you. Every effort is made to match mentors and students based on a mentor’s area of expertise and a student’s area of interest, however this is not guaranteed.


Key dates

Program weekDue dateSession weekActivity to be completed
Program launch Tuesday, 13 September 2022 Week 8

Launch event and training.

Online session from 5-6:30pm.

Mentoring session 1 19-23 September Week 9

Student: Mentoring Agreement + preself-assessment 

submitted on Moodle Session one to be completed.

Mid session recess 26-30 September - Mid-point check in.
Mentoring session 2 3-7 October Week 10 Session two to be completed.
Mentoring session 3 10-14 October Week 11

Session three to be completed.

Students to complete mid-point self assessment survey.

Mentoring session 4  17-21 October Week 12

Session four to be completed.

Mentoring wrap up Wednesday, 26 October Week 13

Event wrap up.

Event online from 5-6:30pm.

Post program Friday, 11 November -

Student : Final evaluation due. Final self assessment due.

Mentor: Program evaluation and feedback survey due.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the UOW Mentoring team.