Smart Foods Centre

Welcome to the Smart Foods Centre

The Smart Foods Centre was originally established in 1999 as an ARC Key Centre for Teaching and Research, and from 2007 has continued to be a University of Wollongong research initiative within the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health.

We provide a rich environment for research at the professional, graduate student and post-doctorate level. Academic staff support the teaching of research methodology in the School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences and help build the PhD student base. 

The Centre conducts research funded through the National Competitive Grants Scheme, with outcomes and impact factors that fit within the UOW strategic plan. The Centre also supports its research funding through commercially funded research projects for companies within the Australian food and beverage industry.

Our research

The research of Smart Foods has a strong track record in clinical trials that have addressed the effects of foods on factors associated with lifestyle-related disease (obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease). Strengths have developed alongside these trials in dietary assessment methodology, the development of new food composition tables, studies of dietary patterns, and the use of Information Technology.

Other areas of strength have emerged in studies of nutritional adequacy, in at-risk groups, particularly in the aging population (food services to combat malnutrition; foods aimed at limiting cognitive decline) and pregnant women (meeting micronutrient requirements).

There is an emphasis on the translation of research to practice. This includes research on the social and behavioural aspects of nutrition, the development of nutrition communications, and evidence-based reviews and meta-analyses that contribute to food and nutrition policy and guidelines.

Smart Foods continues to provide a research base for one of Australia's most prestigious training programs in the discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics, providing a rich environment for research at the professional, graduate student and post-doctorate level. Educational strengths are further recognised through the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health.