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Researchers at Molecular Horizons are on a mission to understand the world’s biggest health challenges and translate this knowledge into diagnostics, therapies and cures; but we can’t do it alone. With the help of our supporters, we are able to empower our researchers by providing them with the necessary tools and technologies to make high-impact scientific breakthroughs that can change lives.

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UOW students awarded Tynan Family and Molecular Horizons honours scholarships
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Tynan Family Molecular Horizons Honours Scholarships

The Tynan Family Molecular Horizons Honours Scholarship was designed to support honours students and their supervisors by providing the necessary tools to foster innovative research that will contribute to quality healthcare outcomes in our wider community. Thanks to the support of the Tynan Family and the generosity of the communities fundraising efforts, we are pleased to award the below scholarships.

  • Jordan Nicholls - Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
    Project title: Solving the Structure of RNA-binding Proteins using Cryo-EM
    Supervisor: Dr Gökhan Tolun

  • Callum O’Flaherty - Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
    Project title: Exploring click chemistry as a novel tool to detect azidothymidine-induced single-stranded DNA gaps in Escherichia coli
    Supervisors: Dr Andrew Robinson and Professor Michael Kelso

  • Jessica Semken - Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
    Project title: Design and Development of Inhibitors of Sporulation Against Clostridium difficile
    Supervisors: Professor Paul Keller and Senior Professor Stephen Pyne

  • Nutchaya Noradechanun - Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
    Project title: New antimicrobial targets for common childhood diseases
    Supervisors: Associate Professor Martina Sanderson-Smith and Associate Professor Aaron Oakley