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Graduate’s journey from first in family to University Medallist

Work, life, balance – the SOC way

As the hashtag says, we’re all #inthistogether, and it’s safe to say that we are all mastering the balance of work and life in different ways, taking cues from others along the way and providing advice in return. Working from home is a tough gig, with or without children, so we’ve reached out to some of our Faculty colleagues to hear how they have been navigating the changes, keeping life fun, and how they are taking time to nurture their well-being.

Maintaining health and well-being in a time of physical distancing

As we enter another week of remote teaching, learning and physical distancing it’s important to stay focused on ourselves as much as we are on our work and families. One big question at the moment is how do we maintain our health and well-being, both mentally and physically, during this period? Dr Greg Forrest from the Pedagogical Laboratory for Physical Education and Sport within the School of Education at UOW shares his tips on forming lasting habits with ease.

TEL Lab meets the challenges of these uncertain pandemic times

Life with COVID-19 has induced many changes. As the country, indeed the world, embraces a new way of living and working from the safety of home isolation, it’s become more important than ever to maintain a degree of normality and social function. Technology is thriving, with home-schooling, online house parties, web conferences, and online workplace catch-ups to help preserve social interaction and keep spirits high.

Caring for kids in times of crisis

How schools can meet the autism challenge

As the number of students with an autism diagnosis climbs rapidly, schools are struggling to meet the challenge of supporting students who exhibit a variety of skills and needs.