Sydney Business School, UOW Student, Satyajeet Sawant

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Satyajeet Sawant

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Satyajeet Sawant

Student spotlight: Satyajeet Sawant

Aspirating with comprehensive expertise

I was drawn to UOW's strong academic reputation and the opportunity to gain expertise in both finance and business analytics. The dual degree program provided a comprehensive curriculum that aligned perfectly with my career aspirations in finance and data analysis.

Balancing studies and life

Balancing rigorous coursework with a part-time job was challenging. I overcame this by developing a structured schedule, prioritising tasks, and seeking support from peers and faculty, which helped me manage my time effectively and succeed academically.

Setting clear goals and maintaining a balanced routine are key to staying motivated. Regular breaks, effective time management, and staying connected with a supportive community help me maintain focus and drive amidst a hectic schedule. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone 

Participating in a finance club and competing in case competitions significantly enhanced my analytical skills and teamwork abilities. These experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone and fostered a deeper understanding of real-world financial scenarios.

Preparing for the future 

Critical thinking, advanced financial modeling, and data analysis are among the key skills I gained. These competencies, along with practical experience using industry-standard tools, will be instrumental in my future roles in the finance sector.

The Master’s program offered hands-on learning opportunities and access to state-of-the-art resources. The career support services, including workshops and networking events, equipped me with practical skills and professional connections essential for a successful career transition.

Reflecting on achievement

One memorable achievement was developing a comprehensive market analysis tool as part of a group project. This accomplishment demonstrated my ability to integrate academic knowledge with practical application, contributing to a significant personal and academic milestone.

Skilling up to innovate and contribute 

The analytical skills, problem-solving techniques, and collaborative experiences gained at UOW will be useful in my professional career. I plan to leverage these lessons to adapt quickly, innovate, and contribute effectively in my new role.

Seizing growth opportunities 

Seize every opportunity to learn and grow, cultivate meaningful relationships with mentors, stay proactive in studies, and continually improve your technical and soft skills—which will set a solid foundation for a career in Finance.