Dr Oriana Price standing outside a building with staff of Sophia University in Tokyo

Visit to Sophia University

Visit to Sophia University

UOW Faculty of Business and Law academic, Dr Oriana Price, visited Tokyo and partner institution, Sophia University. This opportunity to meet with colleagues, as well as talk to Sophia students heading to Australia to undertake semester exchange in Autumn and Spring 2023 was a great way to strengthen our relationship.

Dr Oriana Price met with Department of Management Chair and Deputy Director, Centre for Global Education Professor Adam Johns and Assistant Professor Dr Agata Kapturkiewicz Department of Management, Faculty of Economics.  In this meeting both Prof. Johns and Dr Kapturkiewicz were very interested in the School of Business experience and journey towards AACSB accreditation. Dr Price shared how we worked together to achieve our accreditation and how we are continuing to invest in this journey.

Dr Kapturkiewicz and Dr Price shared time together to discuss teaching approaches and research work. Research discussions focused on the converging theoretical fields of ‘practice theory’ and ‘institutional theory’ and how this may be potential area for collaboration.  Dr Kapturkiwicz’s interest in entrepreneurship also created a great opportunity for Dr Price to discuss our Graduate Certificate and Master programs, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the iAccelerateRise program, as well as the research partnership between the School of Business academics A/Prof. Sykes, A/Prof Pepper, Dr Schulz, Dr Price and iAccelerate Dr Stutchbury and Dr Pertersilge for the evaluation of the program.

Ms Yu Chin, Team Leader Office of Global Education facilitated the student engagement part of the visit. Ms Chin shared the ‘Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures’ (SPSF) key tenants being: Foundational knowledge and academic skill, broadening horizons through deep experiences and practical skills, interdisciplinary approach, and lifelong learning. The SPSF program seeks to bring together faculty, students, local and international partners, and communities.  Dr Price recognised a strong affinity between the SPSP program and the objectives we are working towards in BAL and UOW more broadly.  This was not surprising given the 20-year relationship with Sophia University, the welcoming of approximately 56 inbound exchange students from Sophia, and Sophia having accepted 70 exchange students from UOW – many from BAL. This recent visit also builds on the work of Prof Shahriar Akter who received funding in 2018 and 2019 from the Australian Government New Colombo Plan (NCP) Mobility program to support four BAL students in undertaking semester exchange at Sophia. Three of these students completed a semester exchange at Sophia in Spring 2019, and one studied at Sophia in Spring 2022. 

A highlight of the visit was meeting Sophia students about to come to UOW on exchange. Dr Price facilitated a Q&A session about UOW, Wollongong and studying at UOW.  This was an opportunity to share the various opportunities that UOW and Wollongong can offer students, as well as some tips and hints about studying and learning in the Australian higher education context.  One question that brough a smile to Dr Prices’ face was about ‘how one could come up close to a Kangaroo’.  It sounds like a visit to our local wildlife park. Symbio Zoo may be on the list of things to see for visiting students. We are looking forward to welcoming these students to UOW this year and to future research and idea exchanges.

The visit was a successful learning experience for all.  Dr Price extended her thanks to Ms Erin Snape, Senior Manager, International Strategy & Engagement, for facilitating the visit and providing great support throughout the process and without whom such experience would not been possible.