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Supply Chain Success Society visit Amazon Fulfillment Centre

Supply Chain Success Society visit Amazon Fulfillment Centre

Exploring Excellence: Supply Chain Success Society adventure on an insightful tour through operations, processes, and the future of supply chain as they explore inside the Amazon's BWU2 Fulfilment Centre.

In August, the Supply Chain Success Society had the privilege to visit Amazon's BWU2 Fulfilment Centre, the largest automated fulfilment centre in the southern hemisphere! They were hosted by the General Manager of the Centre who is a UOW alumni.

Members of the society were introduced to the daily operations of the Fulfilment Centre and were then taken on a tour around the facility. They had the opportunity to see first hand the entire supply chain process of the facility, and observe supply chain processes and methodologies in practice. The day ended off with a discussion about sustainability, managing risks, and the future of supply chain.

The site visit was a fantastic learning opportunity for students that greatly complemented their studies, and members also had the opportunity to network with professionals and learn more about upcoming opportunities at Amazon AU. The Supply Chain Success Society along with the Centre for Supply Chain Research regularly host industry partners to speak to members, and offer 1 industry visit every semester. They also share about internships and grad program opportunities. Follow them at uow.scs.society on Instagram to learn more!