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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Australia Day honour for world leader in battery research

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Tuesday 25 January 2022

UOW strikes triple gold in Australia Day awards

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Devastating Black Summer bushfires had lasting impact on Australia’s carbon cycle

New research outlines extensive carbon emissions, recovery period for ecosystems affected by bushfires

Research discovery could reduce computing’s unsustainable energy use

Information and communications technology consumes about 8 per cent of global electricity supply, and is doubling every decade

UOW student awarded Graduate Women-NSW Joan Bielski Scholarship

Sarah Clark overcomes obstacles to fulfil study dream

UOW graphene discovery to fast-track the new energy revolution

UOW intellectual property acquired by next-generation battery materials company Sicona

Lost touch with friends during lockdown? Here’s how to reconnect (and let go of ‘toxic’ ones)

As we resume our social lives after strict COVID restrictions have lifted, many of us are finding it’s time to take stock of our friendships

Instead of putting more massive trucks on our roads, we need to invest in our rail network

Large numbers of trucks accessing the ports not only add to road construction and maintenance bills, they also make our roads less safe and more congested, and add to noise and air pollution.

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