Professor Patricia M. Davidson, Paul Scully MP, Libby Hackett and Ryan Park MP

UOW and James Martin Institute launch partnership

UOW and James Martin Institute launch partnership

The institutions will work together to strengthen public policy innovation in Australia

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and James Martin Institute (JMI) will celebrate their partnership at a launch event on UOW’s Innovation Campus on Friday (10 May).

The partnership marks a significant step towards policy innovation, collaboration, and impactful research outcomes.

The launch will be attended by NSW Minister for Health, Regional Health, the Illawarra and the South Coast the Hon Ryan Park MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces the Hon Paul Scully MP, James Martin Institute for Public Policy CEO Libby Hackett and UOW Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Patricia M. Davidson.

Professor Davidson said the partnership will play a pivotal role in the policy innovation landscape of New South Wales and more broadly in Australia.  

“Partnership with JMI enables UOW to work alongside government and other universities to deliver impact on a much larger scale and bring our experts to the table on a range of complex and pressing government priorities,” Professor Davidson said.

“The Australian Universities Accord, to which JMI made a significant contribution, acknowledges the need for governments to better utilise academic research to deliver policy driven by evidence and expertise.

“Collaborating with JMI will allow us to leverage our combined expertise and resources to be part of the drive for evidence-led policy.”

Mr Park said the partnership will be beneficial for the region and address societal issues facing the community.

“Through this strategic partnership with JMI, UOW researchers will have the opportunity to leverage their expert knowledge to address some of the most pressing and complex challenges facing the Illawarra region, NSW, and the nation as a whole,” Mr Park said.

“From advancements in housing and renewable energy to enhancing infrastructure and transportation systems, the collaborative efforts between UOW and JMI are poised to make a substantial impact on the wider Illawarra region.”

Mr Scully said having the two institutions working together was a positive step towards a thriving, resilient region.

“The collaboration between UOW and JMI brings together expertise, resources, and a shared vision for driving innovation and addressing challenges in the Illawarra region,” Mr Scully said.

“The innovative policy outcomes from both institutions can leverage our strengths to create tangible benefits for our community, boost economic growth, and build a sustainable future for generations to come.”

Ms Hackett said the University of Wollongong's advanced research and innovation capabilities, along with its commitment to the Illawarra region, will bring immense value to JMI’s mission.

"JMI is a proud official partner of the NSW Government and leading Australian universities, delivering evidence-based policy opportunities on some of the most challenging issues facing Australia today,” Ms Hackett said.

“We look forward to meaningful engagement with experts from the University of Wollongong through our ongoing projects with government, which aim to enhance outcomes and positively impact people's lives.”


The James Martin Institute for Public Policy is a unique government and university joint-venture that works to transform public policy. The Institute works to more effectively harness Australia’s cutting-edge research expertise in response to government priorities. Established in 2021 as an independent, non-partisan institute with charitable status, JMI has already had a substantial impact, promoting evidence-based policymaking for the public good across a wide range of issues.