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Empowering change: UOW champions gender equity and inclusion in fintech

Empowering change: UOW champions gender equity and inclusion in fintech

Key international industry leaders to share their personal experiences and expertise at webinar

An international panel of trailblazing women fintech leaders will discuss the evolving financial technology landscape and its implications for financial inclusion. The webinar will also highlight challenges and opportunities for women in the financial technology sector and explore strategies for advancing gender equity and inclusion in this rapidly evolving industry.

The “Women in Fintech: Promoting diversity and inclusion” webinar is being held on Thursday 6 June (5pm AEST Australia, 12:30 PM IST India, 11am UAE).

The panel lineup includes:

  • Anjani Madhavi, Senior FinTech Leader, India
  • Carolyn Breeze, UOW alumna and CEO Scalare Partners, Australia
  • Dr Ayesha Bin Loota, UOW alumna and Assistant Vice President, Licensing, Supervision and Assurance, at the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, Government of Dubai
  • Sri Lakshimi Bannigol, Group Chief Information Officer at SwitzGroup IT and Intelligence and
  • Professor Payyazhi  Jayashree, Dean of the School of Business at UOW Dubai.

Professor Jayashree emphasised the need for a strategic focus on women as users and women as leaders in the rapidly evolving Fintech sector and the critical issue of the under-representation of women in the financial technology sector.

“Fintech companies have an opportunity to leverage data and design gender sensitive financial tools, products and services that allow women to participate as partners in the growing fintech ecosystem,” Professor Jayashree said.

“Despite fintech’s potential, women remain significantly under-represented in this field. Only two per cent of fintech companies worldwide have been founded by women, and nine out of 10 fintech firms have no women in their executive teams.

“This under-representation is exacerbated by the convergence of finance and technology, industries traditionally dominated by men.

“To address these challenges, UOW has established the Global Women in FinTech Network. The Network aims to invest strategically in capacity development within fintech through targeted education, networking, reskilling, and redeployment initiatives.

“By highlighting the enablers and impediments for women in fintech, the Network seeks to create opportunities for women to develop the skills necessary to become leaders and active participants in the fintech ecosystem.”

The Network will draw on the expertise of academics at UOW’s campuses in Dubai, Australia, and India, as well as insights from alumni, industry partners, and other stakeholders passionate about gender equity.

By showcasing successful women in fintech and facilitating collaboration, the Network aims to foster a more inclusive and dynamic fintech landscape.


Women in Fintech: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Date: Thursday 6th June

Time: 5pm AEST Australia | 12:30 PM IST India | 11am UAE

Free registration:  https://www.uow.edu.au/events/2024/women-in-fintech-promoting-diversity-and-inclusion.php