UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program kicks sporting and academic goals

UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program kicks sporting and academic goals

Students from Canberra, Toowoomba, Wagga Wagga and Newcastle share their experiences of unique program

The University of Wollongong (UOW) Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their football skills while pursuing a degree of their choice. 

The program brings together one of the world's best-known football clubs and one of the world's best modern universities to train students under qualified coaches from the English Premier League.


Alicia Meuronen from Canberra completed the Certificate III in Fitness from UOW College and said the superior training and the learning experience that comes with the program motivated her to join the program.

“The Global Football Program is the first program of its kind in Australia and that motivated me to join. I was interested in taking my football skills to the next level while also completing my academic qualifications,” Alicia said.

“The program is well structured and everyone works as a close-knit family, and the environment is really supportive.”

Alicia is currently playing for the Illawarra Stingrays and said the program had improved her knowledge of the game and the training had helped her balance her commitment to the program with her academic goals.

“The program is tailored for everyone wishing to study and develop their game at the same time. The training is intense but it gives you a better idea of where you are in the game and what you want to do moving forward,” Alicia said.


First year Bachelor of Arts student Rosemary Peek, who came to UOW from Toowoomba, Queensland, said the learning opportunities motivated her to join the program.

“As a football enthusiast, I was looking for a program where I could develop my skills and study a degree as well. The UOW program offered the combination where I could do both at the same time,” Rosemary said.

“I enjoy all the aspects of the program, but mostly I enjoy developing the tactical, physical and psychological skills to improve my game.”

Rosemary has been playing the game since she was 12 years old and now plays for the Illawarra Stingrays as a defender. She is looking forward to pursuing a career in teaching when she finishes her studies.

For students wishing to join the program, she suggests having a “positive outlook” to get through the challenges.


UOW student Harry Byrnes is combining a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in criminology. He said being from Wagga Wagga, the program had a geographical advantage that motivated him to join the program.

“To experience and play the higher level of football, travelling to Sydney used to be the only option, but the UOW Global Football Program provided a unique opportunity for me to pursue my academic interests and improve my football skill all in one place,” Harry said.

Harry has been playing football since he was six years old and is working on improving his goalkeeping skills.

“It’s important that students are willing to work hard to get the best from the program and they must enjoy playing the game – that will make learning much easier.”


Originally from Newcastle, UOW College student Lincoln Harwood is pursuing a Certificate III in Fitness and has been playing the game for about five years. He said the Global Football Program was hard work but it was worth the effort to get full advantage from the program.

“Hard work is the key to success in this program. At the start of the year, I was not playing for any club, then was moved to a local club and within three months I was moved to the South Coast Flame Football Club,” Lincoln said.

The program also helped Lincoln to recover from a knee injury through physio and other exercises.

“To recover faster from my knee injury, the coaches supported me to train every day and working on different angles was really helpful,” Lincoln said.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club enjoys a strong and growing presence in Australia and now has nine Official Supporters’ Clubs in Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The last date to apply for the program for 2021 is Friday 27 November 2020.