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Library organisational structure

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We've implemented a new Library System to deliver user-centred digital services.

Library organisational structure

View our Library organisational structure [PDF].

The organisational structure is informed by:

  • a commitment to flatter hierarchies and a team-based organisation
  • balancing workloads through improved structures
  • facilitating knowledge sharing, communication and empowerment
  • developing innovative models for communication and client service
  • balancing professional and non-professional positions to meet requirements and maximise the effectiveness of budget allocation
  • augmenting human capacity with technological solutions and automation of processes
  • enhancing flexibility and diversity through full-time, part-time and casual employment.

Teams form the basis of the structure. In order to meet present and future needs, teams may be formed, restructured, merged or disbanded.

Our vision, purpose & values

Our vision

We will be acclaimed for our expertise and collaboration in supporting esteemed research and scholarship, and for transforming the way people discover and engage with information.

Our purpose

We believe that the UOW community deserves convenient access to resources, expertise, and client-centred environments that inspire them to excel in their academic endeavour.

Our values


  • Actively listen and respond to the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders.
  • Design and deliver outstanding services noted for their high quality and relevance.
  • Take pride in continuously enhancing our performance.


  • Gain the trust and respect of others through ethical, principled and considered actions; be truthful and honest.
  • Be transparent and responsible for plans, decisions and communications.
  • Advocate on behalf of clients for the best possible access to information.


  • Face issues and opportunities with honesty, energy and a determination to succeed.
  • Encourage and support risk-taking within the parameters of the vision, mission and goals of the Library and those of the University.
  • Be prepared to acknowledge and learn from mistakes.


  • Optimise available skills, knowledge and resources for mutual benefit and success.
  • Seek out and embrace opportunities to engage with others to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes.


  • Exercise initiative to assess and adjust practices for relevance and value.
  • Actively seek out and implement creative and innovative solutions aligned to agreed priorities and new and emerging standards of excellence.
  • Respect past achievements and learnings in the context of being a learning organisation.
  • Be accepting and embracing of change.
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