Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship

In celebration of Liz Hilton's contributions to UOW, the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship was established - creating an opportunity for UOW students or staff to undertake in-depth research using archival collections.

Liz Hilton was a committed UOW staff member, passionate advocate, honorary Fellow, dedicated volunteer and donor. She had a passion for enriching the student experience and maintaining a connection to the University’s rich and varied history. Liz was a frequent visitor and contributor to the Library’s Archives and the collections have greatly benefited from her knowledge of the University, its people, places and activities. Liz Hilton's contributions to UOW were many and varied, and included a generous bequest of $250,000 from her late estate.

As per her wishes, UOW is using part of the Liz Hilton bequest to establish the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship. Part of the bequest will also be used to establish a Conservation and Acquisition Fund for the UOW Archives and contribute to the Jack Goldring Scholarship fund.


About the Fellowship

The Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship is a biennial fellowship that facilitates and supports students or staff of UOW Australia to undertake a sustained period of research or study using UOW’s archival collections. A total of $200,000 will be dedicated to fund the Fellowship, with each Fellowship valued at $7,000. The successful Fellow will also receive guidance and insight from Archives staff as they access and explore the collections for their research.

Apply for the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship

With the Fellowship has been created as a result of Liz's generous bequest to the Archives, and it's an opportunity for researchers, either staff or students of the UOW Australian campuses to receive funding to undertake some in-depth research in the archives using the primary resources that we have here.

If you're curious to find out what actually is within the archives, you're invited to look at the Library's website. There you'll find the catalogue and the records that we hold here, and you'll find that there's such a rich diversity and very rich collections that are available to you.

The successful applicant for the fellowship will have a seat here in the in the Archives Office for them to come and go as they please, and we'll also have access to the Archives staff to provide you know insight and support and assistance with the material that they might be looking at researching.

UOW Library is full of stories, stories that are published that are sitting on the shelves that everyone can have access to. But the UOW Archives are full of untold stories, stories that you can go in and tell.

And we're very much looking forward to working with the successful applicant for the fellowship.


Apply for the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship

During the Fellowship period, applicants must be:

a) a current UOW (Australia) student who has completed at least one year (full-time equivalent) of study, or

b) a UOW staff member employed at UOW Australia for the duration of the Fellowship in either a fixed-term, continuing, part-time or full-time capacity.

Students or staff at offshore campuses or employed by UOW Global Enterprises are not eligible to apply.

The aim of the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship is to provide financial support to a researcher (or researchers) undertaking work on or about collections held in the UOW Archives. Your proposed research must be based on a collection or resource from the UOW Archives.

This Fellowship may support traditional or non-traditional uses of the material, including the development of new digital access initiatives, artistic interpretations, and re-readings of archival collections from alternative viewpoints.

Applications will be assessed by a selection committee of two UOW academic staff with experience in humanities and/or archival research or scholarship, and the Director Library Services.

Selection criteria:

  • Innovative approach to archival research, for example, including but not limited to: multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary research methods; use of technologies (e.g. coding, mining, transcription) to expand the scope of archival investigations.
  • The excellence of the proposed research, for example, but not limited to: approaches/methodology for viewing and adding to existing archives to augment or create knowledge out of the collected materials.

The Selection Committee will make a recommendation to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic for final approval.

The value of the Award is valid for 1 year. Appointments should commence from October and be completed by November the following year, unless otherwise approved by the Committee.

An Award to the value of $7,000 is payable to the successful Fellow. The Award will be paid in two instalments, half on commencement (October) and half at roughly the mid-way point of the Fellowship (April).

The successful fellow will also receive guidance and insight from Archives staff as they access and explore the collections of interest to their research.

The recipient of the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship is required to:

  • actively promote the research undertaken during their tenure;
  • make a presentation about their project at the conclusion of the Fellowship;
  • ensure any publications, outcomes or media coverage which result from the Fellowship acknowledge the support of the University of Wollongong Library and Archives and the Fellowship;
  • acquit their Fellowship within the term of the Fellowship i.e. 12 months.

Applications will open in May via online submission form. Check back soon.

Find inspiration in the UOW Archives

Through its management and oversight of the Fellowship, the UOW Library and Archives also benefits through the associations it can foster with researchers as they explore and showcase the rich and varied collections within the Archives.

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