Michelle Townsend and Alfredo Paloyo

Meet the researchers at UOW Southern Highlands

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  • Southern Highlands
    Kirkham St, Moss Vale NSW 2577, Australia

Hear from Associate Professor Alfredo Paloyo and Senior Lecturer Dr Michelle Townsend as they delve into the realm of evidence-based practices, particularly emphasising key mental health considerations during pandemic lockdowns, and supporting children who experience self-harm and suicidal behaviours.

Michelle’s research spans the disciplines of psychology and public health with the goal of understanding, preventing and responding to child maltreatment, mental health disorders, self-harm and suicide. Alfredo’s research interest is in the empirical analysis of issues related to human capital, particularly in the fields of labour, health, and education economics. 

Michelle and Alfredo will present a comprehensive overview of their research in mental health. The discussion will explore mental health research with a focus on emerging challenges including the pandemic and child mental health issues. 

Their presentations have been designed with a diverse public audience in mind, and this event is open to the general public. High school students are welcome and encouraged to attend.  

Each presentation will last 15-20 minutes followed by an interactive Q&A session inviting the audience to engage with the researchers.  

Don't miss this opportunity to hear about this research and its implications for healthcare and the community 

Doors open at 5.00 PM. 

Presentations commence at 5.30 PM.