Sensory Profile

To complete the sensory profile you need to make some observations about the types of sensory inputs the user likes or dislikes and what makes them elevate/excite and what makes them slow/calm.
Record the types of inputs that elevate/excite the user under the up arrow and those that slow/calm the user under the down arrow.
For example;
  • if the user slows and calms with the scent of vanilla then record that under ‘Smell’ and the ‘down arrow’
  • If the user elevates/excites when there are bright flashing lights record that under ‘Sight’ and the ‘up arrow’

Use this information to select what types of equipment you will put in your sensory space.

Remember, up and down are ok for short periods of time but staying up or staying down is the danger zone and those inputs should be time limited or omitted.

You can find more information about equipment and whether it usually elevates/excites or slows/calms refer to the Equipment page.

Sensory profile

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