Sensory room equipment options

  • Bubble tube
  • Infinity mirror
  • Fibre Optic Curtain
  • Sparkling Carpet
  • Aura projector
  • Fibre Optic Spray Kit
  • LED Touch Wall
  • Aroma Panel
  • Sound Buttons
  • Softplay Xylophone
  • Soundbeam 5
  • Aroma Panel
  • Tactile Musical Wall
  • Light up fan
  • Aromatherapy panel
  • Fog Smell Machine
  • Aroma Panel
  • Soundbeam 5
  • Softplay Xylophone
  • Rainbow Barrel
  • Vibro-Acoustic Water Bed
  • Touch Panel
  • Sparkling Carpet
  • Fibre Optic Spray Kit
  • Soundbeam 5
  • Vibrating Mattress
  • Softplay Xylophone
  • LED Touch Wall
  • Tactile Musical Wall

Disclaimer: It is important to note the sensory threshold of the user, as exposing to input beyond this may result in over or under-alerting responses. It is recommended to seek advice from an Occupational Therapist as the below are general guidelines and suggestions only.

Buying Equipment

ItemCommercialBudgetPlaces to purchase budget equipment

Bubble Tube

A 2m tube filled with water that has rising bubbles or fish, with a colour changing option.

Small bubble tubes, fish or jelly fish tubes, lava lamps, volcano boxes, bubble machine (blows actual bubbles).

Science museum shops, Kmart, Big W, novelty shops, Casey’s toy store, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Sound Buttons

A panel with four switches generating different sound effects when pressed.

Small keyboards, electronic doorbells set to different tones, electric drum pads.

Music stores, Kmart, Big W, Target, Bunnings, Early Start shop, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Touch Panel

A purely tactile panel, with rough textured brushes and wooden rollers.

Create a touch panel by fastening household objects like bath brushes, sponges, pieces of carpet, bubble wrap, pieces of velvet etc to a board or use items like fuzzy blankets, silky pillows, and rug hook pictures.

Reject shops, Spotlight Fabric Shop, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Fibre Optic Curtain

With pelmet that encloses light source made.

LED light strips hung from the ceiling or off a shelf.

IKEA, Bunnings Hardware, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Sparkling Carpet

2m x1m beautiful display of ever changing colours.

LED light strips fastened to the underside of a velvet or felted piece of fabric and on a soft floor.

Spotlight Fabric Shop, Bunnings Hardware, IKEA, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Aura Projector

Uses specialist lighting effects to project visual images and patterns.

Purchase a small aura projector or starlight nightlight and rotating disco ball.

Reject Shop, Early Start Children’s Museum Shop, Casey’s Toy shop,, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Vibrating Mattress

Vibrations from the mattress provide tactile stimulation. The vibrations can be set to run on a fixed pattern, sound activated or linked to a music system for 'good vibrations'. A microphone can be plugged in to the mattress so you can actually feel the sound. Great for speech therapy activities.

Massage wands under the blanket, Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating pad under blanket and music playing.

Target, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Aroma Fan

Aromatherapy fan, bead chain with mirror and a light show effect fan are three great activities for all ages. Pull the rope ball and the aromatherapy fan blows a calming fragrance. Feel the cool bead chains while looking in the mirror. A finger isolation button activates the colourful fan. Great for exploration and for teaching cause and effect.

Small desk or hand fan with scent (essential oil on a cloth, unlit candle or unlit incents-ensure the user cannot access scents to but in mouth or eyes) behind it. Attach coloured streamers for visual effect.

Reject Shop, Kmart, Big W, Target, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Rainbow Barrel

Large padded barrel that can be sat on, rolled in, and pushed.

Pop up tunnel, foam yoga rolls, exercise balls.

Kmart, Big W, Target, Sports shops, toy shops, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Lycra Cacoon

Large lycra cacoon is hung from the ceiling and allows the user to move back and forth, roll, close themselves in or just lay back and relax

Large piece of lycra suspended from the ceiling using carabiners. Hammock. Pod swing.

Spotlight fabric store, Bunnings, Reject shop, IKEA, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

LED touch wall

A fabulous magical wall panel which lights up with an ever-changing spectrum of LED coloured light at the slightest touch. There are ten different effect programmes to explore; brush your hand over the panel area to receive a rainbow wash of colour where your hand has passed; activate a radiating sequence of crosses.

Put LED colour changing light strips into a plastic container with balls that light up and make sounds when hit. Shake the container and extra light show with sounds will appear.

IKEA, Reject Shop, Early Start Children’s Museum, Starfish Education Centre Kiama.

Light and Sound

Light and sound move together to add a multi-sensory affect.

Speaker that lights up in time with music; speaker that lights up and water jumps in time with music; rechargeable Bluetooth speaker with LED disco ball.

JB-HiFi electronics, stalls in the middle of the mall., Starfish Education Centre Kiama

Bean bag chairs, rocking chairs, other comfortable chairs or cushions can be used in the space.

It might be appropriate to include a fish tanks or a TV/computer showing relaxing mandalas.

Ensure that all fabrics are fire retardant and that any equipment you choose does not pose a risk to the user e.g. if the user is likely to open a bean bag chair and eat the foam do not put it in the room as it is a choking hazard.

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