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This website has been developed as part of a project titled, Developing online resources and videos to support community based multi-sensory room. The team is multidisciplinary and involves researchers and community partners.

  • Project lead - Dr Sim Lau, School of Computing and Information Technology
  • UOW partners - Dr Rose Dixon, Dr Pippa Burns, Dr Andrea Garner, Ms Allison Cameron
  • Community partner - CareWays Community Inc.

Andrea Garner

Andrea Garner, PhD is a practitioner and researcher specializing in the education of people on the autism spectrum. Andrea completed her PhD thesis on the impact of entertainment media representations of autism on the attitudes and knowledge held by pre-service teachers. She currently works directly with children, their families, and with teachers developing programs and strategies to improve long-term outcomes for young people on the spectrum. Andrea is currently conducting research in the assessment and delivery of social skills programs, training models for parents of children on the spectrum and the effectiveness of online information sharing.

Andrea Garner - Sensory Room

Belinda Ison

Belinda Ison is an Occupational Therapist specializing in working with people on the autism spectrum disorder within the education and community setting. She currently works with children and their families as well as within schools to support with maximizing quality of life for these families, often focusing on areas including sensory processing, emotional regulation, social skills, sleep difficulties, and behavior support. As part of her current role, Belinda regularly provides both informal and formal education and training around sensory processing and other related topics.

Belinda Ison - Sensory Room


This project was funded by University of Wollongong Community Engagement Grants Scheme 2017: “Developing Online Resources and Videos To Support Community Based Multi-Sensory Room”. This project is supported by University of Wollongong’s Global Challenges Program.
Project Partner: CareWays Community