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Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) in Sydney's CBD

The School of Law has expanded the Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) degree into the University of Wollongong’s Sydney CBD campus.

This world-class degree provides a thorough grounding in the law, as well as a real-world focus on the essential practical skills and the social and ethical context in which the law operates.  The Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) is available to graduates of disciplines other than law, and to graduates of law degrees from outside Australia.

Our graduates are informed, independent, effective and responsible problem solvers and communicators.  They have a sound understanding of our legal system in a local and international context, preparing them for the needs of future workplaces and society.

We are dedicated to teaching excellence and engaging students in a practical, intellectually rigorous and satisfying learning experience.  Our graduates are prepared for careers across multiple industries and today’s dynamic global environment.

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Sydney CBD location

Our Sydney CBD campus is located at the upmarket end of Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) on Sydney Harbour. It overlooks both the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and is well serviced by buses, trains, light rail and ferries. The campus runs across three levels of the Gateway Building in Macquarie Place and boasts state of the art teaching and learning facilities, including: a dedicated library, computer labs, student breakout rooms, a student lounge with kitchen facilities, student services and support desk, prayer room, parent's room, and a large outdoor balcony for students to take in the view.

  • No upfront tuition through a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).
  • Campus locations in Sydney CBDWollongong and South Western Sydney (Liverpool).
  • Part-time study opportunities to offer flexibility with work-life balance
  • compulsory internship to apply your legal training to real-life situations. UOW is proudly the only university in NSW to embed this valuable experience.
  • Study abroad opportunities within law schools across Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Recognition for admission as a lawyer in Australia (subject to completing state-approved Practical Legal Training).
  • Small group seminars which foster student networking and in-depth learning. 
The Bachelor of Laws at UOW delivers a practical and contextual legal education that prepares graduates not only for traditional careers in the legal profession but also for a wide range of careers in government, business and community organisations – as leaders, innovators and problem solvers. Careers may include:
  • Advocacy
  • Associate to Magistrate
  • Contract Officer
  • Consultancy
  • Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • Deputy Public Prosecutor
  • Director of Training & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Judge’s Associate
  • Junior Solicitor
  • Legal Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal Clerk
  • Police Prosecutor
  • Policy Officer
  • Patent Examiner
  • Procurement Officer
  • Solicitor
  • Workplace Relations Adviser

What is studying Law at UOW like?

Dean of Law, Professor Trish Mundy, tells us about law at the University of Wollongong

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My name is Professor Trish Mundy and I'm the Dean of Law at UOW Law. UOW Law started in and a very strong focus of the Law degree is its social justice foundations. The ability to actually not only practice as a lawyer but to do so many other things with your law degree so really popular doubles like Arts, like Psychology, like Business, really means that you can actually take your legal skills into a whole range of careers.

Law is such a versatile degree in many ways, so it's not just about going to practice as a lawyer, although many will. But you can use your legal knowledge and skills that you develop in so many ways and in so many careers.

One of the key features of UOW law is its’ first-year integrated program. One of the elements of the first-year integrated program is its’ Pods and Pods is essentially where students are grouped together and they study with the same group of students across all of their subjects in the first semester of their first year. This has the real benefit of facilitating strong friendships, strong study groups and really a much more personalized connection with not only their classmates but with the teaching staff.

UOW Law is the only law school in Australia that offers a compulsory internship program as part of its degree. This means that every law student will have the opportunity to reflect on the law in action and apply their legal knowledge to real life situations.

UOW Law has been voted number one in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate Law. This means that students can expect a high-quality personalised learning experience.


Number 1 in Australia

UOW postgraduate Law and Paralegal studies ranked number one in Australia for overall educational experience, skills development and teaching quality.

The Good Universities Guide 2022

2nd in NSW

UOW ranks second in NSW and the ACT for undergraduate Law and Paralegal Studies.

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2022

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