International internships

There’s no doubt that completing an internship program during your studies has numerous benefits. UOW students have the opportunity to take this one step further with an international internship program.

Why complete an international internship?

  • Gain real-world experience relevant to the increasingly globalised workforce
  • Set yourself apart from other graduates
  • Start building a global network
  • Develop intercultural competencies, independence and resilience
  • Take the opportunity to test drive an international career
My trip to Vietnam was an unforgettable experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their professional network, cultural engagement, and work experience. Thanks to UOW and support from an NCP grant, I was able to make the most of my internship and create memories that will last a lifetime. Brandon Scholze, Bachelor of Economics and Finance CRCC Asia Business Internship in Vietnam, Summer 2022/23

The Business Internship Program has partnered with CRCC Asia to provide UOW students with the life-changing opportunity to complete an international internship within subject BUS 391. In 2023, students have the chance to undertake a one-month internship in either Ho Chi Minh City, Osaka, or Tokyo. Australian Government New Colombo Plan grants of $3,125 are available to support eligible students in undertaking this experience.

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Gain international work experience without uprooting your life with a virtual internship. This flexible option will help you prepare for the increasingly globalised and progressively online workforce by developing your virtual and intercultural communication skills, time management, ability to work independently, and technical expertise.

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Gain an understanding of Malaysia’s unique legal system while developing your awareness of the challenges and benefits of global legal practice. Select students have the opportunity to complete a four-week internship program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to satisfy their practical requirement for LLB3397. Australian Government New Colombo Plan grants of $3,000 are available for eligible students to support their participation in the program in 2023.

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Graduate with a global edge

Hear from UOW alum Brandon McConnell on why he chose to undertake an international internship.

My name is Brandon McConnell. I'm currently in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce doing a double major in Finance and Accounting. And at the end of 2021, during summer, I completed a three and a half month virtual internship with a Korean fashion and design company.

Yeah. So for me, I sort of wanted to diversify my experience. I obviously know that the graduate job market is very, very competitive and I think that just narrowing your, your options to a domestic internship opportunity, although it's great, I think that opportunities looking overseas and getting some experience in, as I mentioned earlier, you know, overseas operating environment, I don't think you can replicate that with with a domestic internship experience.

And I think that being able to have that understanding of how another country's operating environment works or some of the different market market conditions that they might experience, I don't think you can replicate that. And I think a lot of companies have a global footprint now. And for myself, looking at graduate employment opportunities, a lot of the companies have that global footprint and being able to sort of go into that role with that experience already puts you ahead of the crowd by by a mile.  

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