Shut down and switch off

A lot of energy can be saved by switching off monitors and shutting down desktop computers at the end of every working day and switching off monitors whenever you leave your desk.  

If you are unsure how to switch off your computer, contact IMTS via the My IT portal (UOW Intranet).  If you have a non-IMTS managed desktop computer, confirm you can shut down with your Faculty IT staff to determine local arrangements.   Restarting your computer should not take long in the morning.  Contact IMTS via the My IT portal (UOW Intranet) or your Faculty IT staff to resolve the problem.  

In other areas where computers are available please seek advice (from those that manage the computers in that area) and look for signage to determine if you can shut down. Please be aware that some computers such as those attached to research equipment may be required to be left ON so it is very important that you seek advice.

Breaking the habit and remembering to shut down

Shutting down your computer and switching off your monitor takes a bit of getting used to if you are not in the habit of doing so.  It takes a while to break habits and to get this new habit into your routine.  Working as a team and supporting fellow staff to make the shift helps make that transition easier.

Here are some ideas on how you can get this into your routine:

  • Place posters around your work area to remind you and other staff or place a sticker on your monitor.  Posters and stickers are available for university computers on request by contacting the Environment Unit.
  • Set a meeting request in Outlook calendar for 4pm everyday for at least 1 month to remind you to shut down your computer before you leave for the day.  If you need advice on how to do this contact IMTS via the My IT portal (UOW Intranet) or your Faculty IT staff.
  • Encourage all staff to get involved in your work area. Raise it at your staff meeting and discuss how many people turned off their monitors before going to the meeting and how many shut down their computers every night.  Set a target of getting a % of staff participation and monitor progress at the next meeting.
  • When you send a reminder email for a meeting include a reminder for staff to turn off monitors before they head to the meeting.
  • A little incentive goes a long way.  Nominate staff to do a walk around during the lunch break, when there is a staff meeting or after most people have left for the day and get them to leave a chocolate or similar surprise on every persons desk who has their monitors off or their computers shut down when they are not at their desk.  Then send an email to all staff congratulating those that made the effort.