How we will deliver

  1. The Graduate School of Medicine delivers an outcomes-focussed, clinically-guided curriculum that is complemented by clinical skills laboratory learning experiences, and the provision of community-based, clinical educational opportunities.
  2. All senior students are required to undertake the year-long clinical training program integrated across community health services and hospitals, two-thirds of whom do so in a rural setting – a feature which is unique in Australia and done by only a handful of medical schools worldwide
  3. We provide outstanding financial and pastoral support to students throughout the four years of the program
  4. We are working to increase the number of Indigenous students. UOW offers an alternative entry pathway for Indigenous applicants and dedication of three Commonwealth supported places annually to Indigenous students.
  5. Provide a strengthened medical education linkage from the UOW School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences based in Wollongong to the rural and regional hubs
  6. Our commitment to rural medical education reaches across NSW, including a dedicated rural research plan