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Doctors for rural and regional NSW

UOW Graduate School of Medicine is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people living in rural, regional and remote areas who are currently at disadvantage with limited access to skilled medical professionals. The continued building of outreach through UOW’s extensive community training network incorporating 22 regional, district and base hospitals in addition to approximately 70 partner teaching medical practices across rural and regional Australia seeks to address the maldistribution of the rural health workforce across Australia.

Linking students to rural and regional opportunities

Dr Alastair McInnes talks about his experiences as Regional Academic Leader of the UOW Doctor of Medicine (MD) program in the Grafton/Maclean region.

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I'm I'm Doctor Alistair McInnes. 

I've worked in the emergency department of my hometown hospital Grafton, for 30 years. 

And for the last 14 years I've been involved in the phase three training program for the University of Wollongong. 

And I'm the original academic leader for the senior students that come here for 12 month attachments. 

So the students get to come here and are placed next to senior clinicians, one-on-one, GP specialists, people like myself in emergency, and they just get an unfiltered education. 

They thrive on it. 

And the the, I must say that's the selection criteria they use down there must be incredible because we've had fantastic students come through and they're just like sponges and they're really dedicated to their work. 

So on our training days, which are Wednesdays, we usually start the day by doing a simulation with some of the Ed doctors and then we sit down as a group and we do a case based learning activity. 

So on placement days in the Grafton Hub, I've gotten to assist in a lot of surgeries. 

That includes general surgery, orthopaedics and even obstetric surgery such as C sections. 

We all have to present at what's called the hospital grand rounds to all the doctors from the different teams and a lot of the allied health and nursing people are there as well. 

So I'll be interning at Wollongong and doing my resident at Wollongong and then post that probably long term. 

Hopefully he can go rural again. 

There's lots of placements I've really enjoyed. 

I wish I could say that I could pick one. 

However, I think that's a reflection of there's so many options in medicine and I've enjoyed every option as well. 

So yeah, it's been really good so far.