Learning Development

Free Assistance For Your Study Needs

Learning Development offers free resources, seminars and consultations to enrolled students seeking to improve their academic performance. These are all now available online using Zoom, Webex or Moodle. Students and academic staff can explore the available resources and services relevant to their students’ needs and interests through the links below.

New virtual drop-in space now available

Learning Development academics are available through the Learning Co-op to help you with:

  • Understanding your assessment task
  • Evaluating sources
  • Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Academic writing basics
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis and argument.

Extended consultations

Extended consultations (up to one hour) are also available for students who need help with understanding assessment tasks, use of academic language, thesis writing or maths.

If you are an undergraduate coursework student looking for advice on remote study technologies or looking after yourself when studying remotely, take the time to talk to a Peer Coach. Peer Coaches can be found on the Learning Co-op site. 

Learning Development services available to students

The Learning Development team offers a range of services and resources designed to help students succeed in their studies. Our academics also offer personalised consultations for students.

  • Academic language and learning help for coursework students
  • Maths and Stats help for students
  • Help for research students


Learning Development provides a range of printable writing and study skills resources to help you improve your academic performance at University. These resources are free and include information on

  • time management
  • study techniques
  • academic writing
  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • note-taking
  • critical thinking

Faculty Programs

Learning Development also runs programs on academic skills within Faculties. Most programs are offered within first year subjects and are tailored to meet the needs of students within particular disciplines. Students or staff can request that Learning Development provide such programs within their faculties or subjects.

Resources can be viewed, downloaded and printed as PDF at: Learning Development