Parking spaces are limited and in high demand at UOW.  To reduce parking pressures and traffic congestion, staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to consider sustainable transport options, like using the free shuttle buses, public transport, walking, cycling or carpooling as alternatives to driving.   

The Wollongong Campus is a Restricted Parking Area. NSW Road Rules and the University’s Access and Order Rules are strictly applied and penalties apply.

Each carpark on campus has different parking conditions which operate year round. Refer to the Wollongong Campus Parking Map and signage in the carparks. Parking availability is available on this page or the UOW Parking app. 

2019 UOW entry (blue) permit renewals due

2018 parking entry permits will expire on 4 March 2019. Vehicles displaying a 2018 permit after this date may be issued a penalty notice, processed by Revenue NSW. If you require a UOW entry permit for 2019, apply now. Forms are available on the intranet. Assist with reducing road congestion, particularly at the start of session, and consider other transport options like the free shuttle buses, cycling, walking and catching the train. Carpooling with colleagues is another great option, three or more people in the car means free parking in P4 and P1.

Grace Period

The NSW Government legislated a grace period of ten minutes for ticket and coupon offences across NSW. At UOW this grace period only applies to pay and display ticket zones for the offence of “park after a ticket has expired” (Road Rules 2014 rules 207-3(4)). This change took effect from 31 January 2019.  Please see the NSW Government website for more information and applicable parking zones. 

Download the UOW Parking App

UOW has a Parking App that is available for iPhone and Android.  This app lists available spaces for ticket, permit and carpool parking areas to help you find that elusive parking spot at Wollongong Campus.  Please do not be tempted to use your phone while driving.  

You can also check parking availablility online via the website


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