Parking spaces are limited and in high demand at UOW.  To reduce parking pressures and traffic congestion, staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to consider sustainable transport options, like using the free shuttle buses, public transport, walking, cycling or carpooling as alternatives to driving.   

The Wollongong Campus is a Restricted Parking Area. NSW Road Rules and the University’s Access and Order Rules are strictly applied and penalties apply.

Each carpark on campus has different parking conditions which operate year round. Refer to the Wollongong Campus Parking Map and signage in the carparks. Parking availability is available on this page or the UOW Parking app. 

Ticket machine system outage affecting P3, P4 and P8 Monday 15 October

 The system outage affecting pay and display ticket parking machines on campus earlier today has been resolved. If you require assistance please contact UOW Security on 4221 4555.

Molecular Horizons construction commences 14 July – P7 Carpark closed

Construction is starting for Molecular Horizons. To allow for building works, P7 Carpark closed permanently from Saturday 14 July 2018. There will be changes to parking, vehicle and pedestrian access around the construction site. Please follow direction of traffic control and signs. Please be aware there may be some unavoidable delays.  Thank you for your patience.

Alternative parking areas

UOW Entry Permit parking

UOW Entry Permit parking is available in P2, P3, P4, P5, and P8. Additional permit parking has been made available at the TAFE Wollongong Campus.

Entry Permit parking at TAFE
  • The carpark is accessible by car via University Ave and Foleys Lane, and pedestrian access is via the overpass over the M1 Princes Motorway.
  • Please follow signs and directions of the UOW Parking Attendants to ensure you are in the correct car park. There is no need to stop at the TAFE gatehouse when staffed, provided your UOW Entry Permit is clearly displayed on your windscreen.
  • The carpark is not available for parking overnight and will be locked.
  • Don’t forget you can catch the North Gong Shuttle Bus from the Kids Uni bus stop, near the pedestrian bridge to the TAFE. There are several stops around the Ring Road (use the UOW Shuttle app for timetable information).
  • Safety escorts are also available to walk to your car. Use the SafeZone app or contact UOW Security (02 4221 4555).

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is available in P1 (undercover), P2, P3 (undercover), and P5.

Mobility (disabled) parking

Some mobility parking will be made available in the new mobility carpark between buildings 32 and 43, and accessed via the Ring Road. Mobility permit holders are authorised to access dedicated mobility parking bays, UOW Entry permit bays and ticket bays, free of charge.

Pay and Display Ticket parking

Pay and display ticket parking will no longer be available in P7. Alternative carparks include P1, P3, P4, P6, and P8, and also in P2 and P5 after 4pm.

Carpool parking

Free parking is available for cars bringing three or more people to campus in the carpool area of P4. See the parking attendant for entry. This is available for staff, students and visitors.

Safety escorts

You can use the SafeZone app or contact UOW Security (02 4221 4555) to request a safety escort to walk you to your car.

Pedestrians and cyclists

Building 32 bike base users can access the bike base via the Ring Road between buildings 32 and 43.
Directional signs and traffic control will be in place to assist in navigating to buildings around the construction site.

Public transport

There are many different bus services and free shuttle buses to the Wollongong Campus. See travelling from your suburb for assistance in planning your journey.

More information

Contact for enquiries.

Graduation Parking

During Graduation periods of 30/31 October, and 12-14 December 2018, P8 Unicentre carpark is restricted for special event parking. P8 will generally only be available to Graduation attendees. 

Download the UOW Parking App

UOW has a Parking App that is available for iPhone and Android.  This app lists available spaces for ticket, permit and carpool parking areas to help you find that elusive parking spot at Wollongong Campus.  Please do not be tempted to use your phone while driving.  

You can also check parking availablility online via the website


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