A therapy space with two black sitting chairs with pillows around a low rounded table with a grey tissue box on it. A seaside picture and whiteboard hangs on the walls and a plant in a pot in front of a window.


We provide therapy for common mental health difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depression, grief and adjustment). Provisional psychologists use a range of common therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT and brief psychodynamic therapy.  Sessions are usually of 50 minutes duration and are scheduled weekly or fortnightly in our adult clinic (Building 22).

Provisional psychologists will take up to three sessions to work with a client to understand what they are experiencing, before collaboratively developing goals. Therapy may continue for up to 9-12 months, depending on client need and availability of the provisional psychologist. Provisional psychologists work under supervision of experienced Clinical Psychologists, and sessions are recorded to assist in therapy and supervision.

We invite families and support networks to be part of the therapeutic process. We do not provide therapy for people with severe mental health conditions. Where people present for specific concerns such as drug or alcohol issues or eating difficulties we may support you to access a more specialised service.

Coaching and Parent Emotional Support (CaPES) for ages 2 - 10  years

When families are requesting support for the first time we invite them to participate in the Coaching and Parent Emotional Support (CaPES) program, which is delivered in our child clinic (Building 21, Level 2A).  We recognise parents as the most valuable support a child can have in developing their ability to manage their emotions, communicate well, reach their potential at school and have positive peer relationships.

Other Child and Adolescent Therapy Options

Where families have already completed the CaPES program (or similar) and require additional support, or where the child has a specific concern, we may offer individualised therapy. When working with children and young people we invite parents and carers to be part of treatment.  Please allow one hour for the first session and 50 minutes for ongoing sessions. As we are a training clinic all sessions are recorded (video or audio).  You will be invited to complete a consent to recording form during your first session.

During the first session your psychologist will provide you and your child with information about confidentiality and consent and discuss reasons for therapy.  All clients of Northfields Psychology Clinic complete an assessment phase to identify the nature of their difficulties, inform the treating therapist’s understanding of the best course of action, and thus ensure that clients receive the most appropriate recommendations. The duration of the assessment phase may vary depending on the presenting problem(s), but usually takes up to three sessions, and is followed by a feedback session where the assessment results are presented to the client(s). During this phase, clients are asked to complete a set of self-report measures that are used to consolidate the treating therapist’s clinical understanding.